What do we want for Christmas?

Thought it would be fun to pull together our ideas for gifts for runners for Christmas. Here's my list (based on stuff I own and love), but what would others recommend or want?

1) Garmin watch. Someone lovely got me a 610. It seemed slightly excessive for a very novice runner, but actually it is totally fantastic. On repeated home routes I can see how my pace changes between runs On runs away from home, I can see on the pretty map where I actually went.

2) Headphones. I faffed around with earbuds or earclip things before and none were comfortable and lasted more than a few weeks. Thankfully headband earphones are now back in, and I have Philips SHQ5200/10 which are super comfortable, stay in place, I can take them off and on for traffic or to talk to anyone without it being a faff. They also have lasted through some bad weather without problem. Nice short cord (with an extension piece if needed).

3) Ipod of course. Ipod shuffle or 6th gen nano means you can clip it on your bra strap and with short earphone cord it is all very tidy.

4) Pas as you go phone. I don't want to carry my iphone with me (heavy and don't want to get it wet), but nor do I want to be unable to contact anyone in an emergency. I got a very cheap pay as you go flip phone which doesn't weigh much and holds its charge forever (as it doesn't do anything really).

5) Vouchers for buying running clothes, but I guess we really need to choose our own.

6) Waist pouch thing: I just got a sub 4 waist pouch, which holds all my junk and seems more comfortable than jacket pockets.

That's my list... what would you recommend/want?

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19 Replies

  • headtorch for running in the dark

    running gloves for when the weather gets really cold

  • Hands free dog lead

    Maybe an armband carrier for my phone

    Heart rate monitor

    More buffs

    I do carry a dreadful load of stuff with me when I run

    Actually most of all what I would like is trail shoes as good as the ones I have that don't come in holes at the top within a few months.

  • Garmin on my list!

  • For winter running:- Hat, gloves, buff, head torch

    All year round:- Garmin, small bum bag, sports sun glasses, Ronhill cap (wouldn't be without mine) & vouchers to buy new Brooks Ghost running shoes for when mine wear out.

  • Garmin & more socks are on my list. Will prob add headphones and new music. If I get the garmin a cheap light phone & iPod are really good ideas- thanks

  • For new runners, once you've got the basic clothes (shirts, shorts, tights) sorted, I'd go along with Oldgirl's winter essentials.

    I've only got one item on my list. When I'm doing longer (1.5hr+) and off-road runs I run with a small rucksack (I tried several larger running waist bags and couldn't find one that was comfortable) and I like to take photgraphs. I like to have my compact camera handy, and rather than having to take my rucksack off I found the ideal solution in a small camera case that clips snugly to the rucksack shoulder strap. The camera is always there on my chest and can be removed and used with my gloves on. But this case is borrowed from my son and he wants it back. :-)

  • I've often wanted to take snaps whilst out running (I often see some fantastic opportunities at dawn). I wonder how I could do a similar thing with a point-and-shoot camera, but without the rucksack strap?

  • My Panasonic Limux camera is a similar size to an iPhone and fits in the tiny, wee Karrimor running belt (wee waist bag). Unlike you, I usually take my hand-me-down iPhone with me, although I preferred my old (smaller) basic phone - which I've now given to my son when his broke and he wanted a simple one for working outside.When I carry my rucksack I pack the phone away as I'm not using it, and don't bother with the running belt.

  • What rucksack do you use for running? I have a Deuter Speedlite 20 as a small daybag, which I like, and thought of getting a Speedlite 10 as a running rucksack.

  • I have a hand-me-down Camelback from my son. I've just looked and I can't see a name or model number on it, but looking at the website and the fact it's several years old, it's probably a classic MULE. From the 2hr runs I've done with it to date, it's comfortable and spacious enough.

    My son now has a Golite rucksack. This is an US company much used by backpackers, but I think their rucksacks are only avaible online in the UK, so you can't try them for fit.

  • Thanks. Yes, Golite has a good reputation among the ultra-light community but are hard to get in the UK now.

  • New Running Shoes are at the top of my Wish List!

  • That's a good lookin' list! I'm awaiting a new set of headphones from Philips to arrive as my last set only lasted 3 months before one of the ear's died :(

    Never ever thought of a backup pay as you go phone. I hate taking my iPhone with me and only once taken it for a run in the last year as my wife bought me a Garmin for xmas last year. But there's always that niggle in the back of my mind that if I trip and fall in a woodland somewhere or get in to trouble, I've got no way of contacting anyone. I see Tesco sell phones in their Express stores for £10 or so. Might be worth it!

  • What a fantastic question! Anyone know of any good books or DVDs I could put on my list please?

  • I guess from your user name that you're female, in which case, I've just read "Running Like a Girl" by Alex Hemmingford (I think that's her name but you'll find it if you Google the title. It's light hearted but quite inspirational with some useful practical "girlie" advice. Depends what you want really - it doesn't have lots of technical stuff in but I found it a good read.

    Oh and on my list is wireless ear buds - fed up with trying to poke the connector into my phone through the hole in my armband and then having to struggle with trailing wires when I'm running!

  • Pam depends what you are into :) wreck it Ralph on my list!

    Garmin forerunner 110 or soleus watch, running beanie & gloves, lightweight bright running jacket, I'm getting back into the running after having a baby earlier in the year

    Btw 3 do their 3-2-1 SIM on payg Itink for fre itit's 3p a min for calls 2p texts 1p for data seems cheapest around if u think.you might make calls

  • Thanks for the suggestions! Love it!

  • Gosh them wireless ear buds can get a bit dear. Any recommendations at under £25?

  • I'd love a Garmin but it ain't gonna happen ;-)

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