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Phone Holder

Evening fellow runners! I completed W8R2 this morning and the running armband which holds my phone has died. The velcro isn’t sticking anymore and I keep feeling it unstick. Someone mentioned a waist band for keeping hold of your phone and wondered what most people had. Need to buy a new one tomorrow before Saturday’s run. I have an iPhone 7 Plus so it’s slim but quite big. Thank you!

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I use an armband too. Did have a 'bum' bag thing that worked well...prefer the armband. You can probably get a generic armband holder in a sports shop quite easily, and reasonably cheap that will hold the iPhone7, or perhaps in a phone shop. Happy hunting, and enjoy your run tomorrow🙂.

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I think I’ll prefer the armband too. The waistband might bob up and down when I’m running. Thank you!

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No didn't bob around, and you can get fairly neat ones, but didn't like it round my waist. Armband any day!!

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I use a bum bag from sports direct. I also have iPhone 7 Plus.

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I bought my wife a flip belt as an early Christmas present (got a reflective one and didn't like the idea of her running in the dark while it's hidden away wrapped up!) and she really likes it. Plenty of space for phone, keys, cards, money etc. and you can buy water bottles that fit inside it too.

I got shot of the armband and replaced it with a lanyard from a conference I attended. One of the big plastic ones that have two clips one at each side. My iPhone 7plus fits perfectly and I can read it and lift it out easily as I run. Perfect solution andfree.

I’ve wasted £30 on other holders and they have all failed.

I put mine in the pocket of the track suit bottoms I use for running. Out of sight and out of rain

My phone goes in my shorts pocket when weather permits and when it's leggings time I use a belt pouch. I flip it around and it sits very comfortably in the small of my back. I tried an arm band but couldn't get on with it.

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If you go to a running shop you can find a good neoprene armband with clear face for the phone. But I moved on to a flip belt which is great. Made of Lycra so is comfy and has a clip to hook your key on too. It takes tissues and anything else too.

Magic, thanks all. Will go for a look and try a few out. 😃

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I like the idea of an armband instead of carrying my phone, but I don’t think I would like not being able to see how far I’ve much or for how long. Like the idea of the wrist one though. Not sure where to get one.

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