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How do you carry stuff?

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I am now well into running and enjoying it very much but have a bit of a problem accommodating all the stuff I need, namely iPod for music to keep me going; mobile for my Runkeeper app, bottle of water, tissues (my nose runs constantly) as well as car keys.

I have a bumbag which holds some of my things but rely on jacket pockets for the rest and still run clutching my water bottle. When the weather improves enough to do without a jacket I don’t know how I’ll manage. Has anyone any suggestions, please?

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I have my music and Runkeeper on my phone. I use a flipbelt that carries my phone, key, tissues, etc. I wear a separate hydration belt with one or two water bottles that I can comfortably wear over my flipbelt on my long runs but apparently there is a water bottle than can fit in the flipbelt (with mixed reviews). The added benefit of the flipbelt is it holds my phone against my body which keeps my phone battery warm and working in my miserably cold winters (I'm on the Canadian prairies, brrrrr)

I can see one item that you can discard, the Phone... Why do you need the Runkeeper all the time. If you know the distance in advance why lug the phone. You can use it if traversing on unfamiliar routes.

I have been running half/full marathons for past 8 years and I carry nothing on me. Of course I am an old timer. I calculate my route in advance. Drink sufficient water in advance unless I am going to run beyond 10-15 kms in hot weather, then only i carry a small bottle.

Anyways, you can pick and choose. Enjoy the beauty for the nature, discard unnecessary stuff.

All the best!!

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A Zikee belt holds all the stuff and two small water bottles too... very comfy and not overpriced... Amazon have them and will have new stock now the London Marathon is over:)

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I’d either put the music or whatever onto the phone and ditch the iPod, or go without RunKeeper at least sometimes.

The other question which leaps out at me is, do you really need to carry the water? If you’re well hydrated and running less than an hour, you should be fine without it generally. Maybe not in really hot weather, but it should be manageable without it for just regular running.

Hi, as people say, you can ‘run light’ but if you would like to carry a few things, a very small 5L running sack is a possibility. I got one from SportsDirect (very reasonable price) which straps tightly to my shoulders, waist and chest - so it doesn’t flop around. Also look at a ‘y-fumble’ on Amazon for carrying a phone. Good luck!

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