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Week 8 complete!

I'm so happy, here's some of the highlights so far:

1) In earlier weeks my motivation was to think about how good I'd feel after successfully completing a run. Now I've noticed I've shifted to looking forward to the run itself (or at least how I feel after the first 10 mins, anyway).

2) Actually just really nice to get outdoors regularly. Today I saw a kestrel and a cormorant.

3) Fitness paying off in other sports and starting to notice a real difference day to day.

4) Lost a bit of weight: was not my primary goal and I haven't done any special dieting. It's only a bit of what I should lose, but it is noticeable and a lovely bonus.

5) Surprise speed increase over recent weeks, despite just aiming for "comfortable" each run. Maybe I'm becoming more confident about what I can maintain, but I think also muscles just working a bit more efficiently.

6) Feeling completely sure I can actually run 5km if I had to. I'm at 4.2km in 28 mins and can see it really isn't much more to continue to 5km.

Future thoughts (too strong to call them worries really):

1) Still wondering what doing a parkrun will actually be like. Friends have volunteered to join me for the first one!

2) Really want to get to running 9km comfortably (that makes a really nice round trip for me locally). I know there are some graduated podcasts, but need to think about pacing the distance increase sensibly over a couple more months I reckon.

3) I've stuck with this as it is such a defined programme, and this message board is great. Will I stick to running consistently in future? I know that improvement won't keep being so fast, so need to settle into a routine that I'm happy with.

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I also did w8 r3 today so am at the same stage. My thoughts are pretty similar too. I hated the first 10 minutes this morning but enjoyed the rest. I can't believe what I've achieved as this is 'not me' at all, but I intend to carry on after w9.

Well done us!


Me too, can't believe I'm starting week 9 Monday. Good luck we vn do this


I struggle with heavy legs first 10 mins of every run but accept it now cos know I feel better as run goes on - especially last 1/3 . I graduated last wk and did my 2nd parkrun this morning and loved them I found the run itself wasn't as bad as the anticipation . It's funny how your mind can go into overdrive My advice is just to go for it Good luck


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