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Parkrun newbie. What happens?


Well, I know how it works but what do I have to do when I get there? It's my first ever!

Do I have to check in somewhere first? Or get barcode scanned first? Is there something like a starting pistol? Or someone just shouting go? Or waving a flag?

Nerves are kicking in. Can you tell? Help! :/

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Hey I am feeling the same I am about to head off to my first park run and the excitement is kicking in. For I don't know what to expect either....


Just have fun, when you arrive they will give any notices at the beginning, then enjoy the run and your bar code will be scanned at the end! It is really fun and do not worry what speed you do, I am always near the back :-)

mogle in reply to Alex62

"and your bar code will be scanned at the end!" 'sounds promising... .

BarbykGraduate don't need to register. Make sure you have your barcode with you. Follow the crowd basically. You may have a new runner briefing, ours has one. Then there is a little talk at the start from the Run Director. You do your the final tunnel you are given a numbered token that you take with your barcode to the people who have wee scanners. Your results will come through on the web either this evening or tomorrow. Hope that helps

HezzabelleGraduate in reply to Barbyk

Great help, thanks. :)

Now-runner_NeedsAttnGraduate in reply to Barbyk

Wee scanners? Checking for performance-enhancing drugs? ;-)


I was really nervous before my first but as Barbyk says there should be a shout-out for first-timers for a quick introduction, the route will be sign-posted at any points where you could take a wrong turning & most encouragingly there will be marshalls out on the course giving you a cheer as you go by. The 'tunnel' referred to isn't an actual tunnel, just a cordoned off bit you run through so that you come in right order for handing out the tokens & if you can't see the person doing the scanning, just ask - they're a friendly lot. Even as a newbie, I'd highly recommend volunteering to help on one of the days - it really shows how it's run by enthusiastic volunteers just like you & me. And don't know what your times are like but it's only a race against yourself - I'm nearly always among the last, nothing to be embarrassed about just means you get lots of genuine encouragement. Enjoy!


Today is my first parkrun too - good luck everyone! :)


Good luck everyone, let us know how it all went!


Good luck to all of you doing your first park run today I am switheringabout heading of for my 2nd but Scottish parkruns don't start till 9.30 so most of you will be well round their routes before I get going


Loved mine. Was slow but helped by great volunteers and aan end of race pace maker who helped me up the final section. Cant wait to find out my time amd beat it next week!!


Hope you have all registered as being attached to NHS C25K... Let's get those club numbers up.

Hope you had a great run, Sciatica is stopping me at the moment and really missing it


Loved it. Glorious sunny morning. Perfect for my first. Managed it in 35.02. Happy with that. Wish I could do it every week.


Well done everyone. I graduated from C25K in January and started doing the parkrun almost immediately. I've been going almost every Saturday since. I either run or volunteer and am about to become one of the park run team. I have so many new friends it's marvellous and my Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week. I'm still one of the slowest and many are finished and are having cake by the time I hit the 3k mark but it doesn't matter. C25k and parkrun have absolutely changed my life - I love it. It's a marvellous thing to do after graduating so don't be nervous, just get involved. I'm even a bit of a parkrun tourist and like to try out other parkruns wherever I go. Good luck and enjoy.

AliB1Graduate in reply to zippyfeet

Echo everything you say. I have just committed to being one of the run directors next year...scary and very exciting. Love parkrun

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