What happens on rainy days just started W1R1

Hello everyone,

I've tried to start my W1R1 this week but had to abandon the first day of running due to me stopping to drink some water. I've paused my MP3 when clicked play again it started the program back to the 5 minutes brisk walk, my body would not accept the thought of starting all over to do the 5 minutes brisk walk I had to abandon the first run.

Yesterday I did the 2nd day run and was happy to complete it tomorrow  I will do day 3 and looking forward to it. Now I'm thinking what will I do when it rains just would like some advise what others do on rainy day. I  don't mind if it's not raining heavy I can carry on but when it's heavy rain and I cannot do a day of the 3 days run.



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  • Have you a peaked cap?  If so, wear it for rainy days. It helps keep the worst of the rain from getting in your eyes. Rain is welcomed by most runners as it helps cool the body, which is often such a welcome relief

    If you do have problems with the podcast or app, don't go home, just sort it out and carry on. Take a runners bottle of water with you if needs be. Just stick with Laura and do what she tells you and you'll finish the session.  

    Good luck and have fun!   Go very, very slowly. Slowly, slowly gets you to the finish line

  • Run in the rain, it's fantastic. 

  • Running in the rain is wonderful. Unless of course you live in a Monsoon area............ 

  • What they said 😀. Plus no need to pause the player to take a drink. If you listen to Laura's instructions (assuming you have her voice on your programme) you can take a drink on the walking breaks.

    Running in rain is good but if you are put off by it, just move your running day. One day you will probably be out on a run and get caught in heavy rain, you have two choices, find shelter or carry on. My money would be on carrying on, especially if you are near to getting a pb of some sort!

  • Just run anyway! 💦 I love running in the rain🙂

  • Oh well, call it a practice run then!  I always make sure I have several sips of water before going out to run and then I drink when I get home but never take any with me.  On the C25K programme, the most you will be running is 30 minutes and I don't want to carry loads of stuff with me.  Bad enough when I have to peel off a t shirt or maybe a hat and carry that, a water bottle is not something I feel I need or will be necessary.  I am now graduated and run over 10k and can be running for over an hour but as I am well hydrated, don't feel I am going to suffer without a drink.  Julie

  • Nice in the rain! but mind the floods!😀

  • I'm like the rest here, I love running in the rain.  I agree, til you've tried it, it does sound nuts, but there is nothing like it. :)

    If you really can't face it, though, just leave the run until the next day (but you won't know what you are missing!)

  • Raining? Just go out and run 😊

  • Love running in the rain. It's so nice and cooling !

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