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Having to ease off a bit

Well i've completed 2 runs of week 7. Unfortunately 3 runs a week + 2 bootcamps are taking their toll. I'm only 48.

My aching left cheek (glute?) and hip when sitting down and lying down is becoming constant. At the last bootcamp I further agrivated the pain during a 40 metre sprint. The bootcamp is really good core exercise so think I'll leave the running for a couple of weeks to see if it helps. So stretching every day and hopefully back on the horse soon.

Feeling a bit gutted.

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I dropped my running to two a week while I have other sports on. It's a bit annoying on the one hand as I just want to get on and progress with the running. On the other hand, I've had a few small injuries and by not going nuts, I've managed to generally keep progressing (a few frustrating days off only).

I've generally kept a day off after every intense day (running or any other training).


Hi Julia321,

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm just going to have to manage my activities a bit better.

We'll definately get there eventually.


Yep, good luck! Taking a few weeks longer is really nothing in the end.


Hope you feel better soon, can I just add that if you have any numbness down the back of your left leg when you sit down it would be a really good idea to go and see your GP or better still a physio


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