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Nearly a Graduate :) Wk9R2 Done :) and a Park run to boot! and still no tights

Well the running continues at a pace .. well a slow one, for this 40 year old runner :)

A bit of an update as i've not posted in a while. My W8R3 was a park run here in York with my lovely girlfriend (we're too old for that title really iyswim). I'll not be worrying Mo Farah but 35mins for the 5K was pleasing, dratted woman beat me ;) at 28mins but I'm proud of her and me for finishing it. I even ran in step with a couple of people and chatted as we ran! well pleased! will do another maybe next month.

This weeks W9 runs have been a bit slower not sure why but, hey ho. I'm finding my self worried about pace but lets be honest I'm running non-stop for 30mins and I'm recovering quickly at the end, so hell with pace. Its better than sitting on the sofa.

Those on the early runs don't worry stamina, seems to come and you don't seem to notice it. The body is a marvellous thing, give it time and work. It will surprise you. As a wise man sort of said; nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Still avoiding the tights :) and the running bug has definitely caught me :)

Looking forward to friday for graduation run :)

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Well done to you (and the girl)!!


Well done and good luck with your graduation run. I can't avoid the tights any more, although they are girly ones, but it is just a bit too cold in the evenings to go without...


WTG!! and all the best on Friday for the end of the journey and the beginning of a new lifestyle :)


Well done on the Parkrun and week 9 runs. You should try the tights you might find you prefer running in them!!! Good luck with your gradulation run


WELL DONE! :-) If you go look under questions, there is quite a discussion or two about mens tights. ;-) Wishing both of you a successful C25K graduation! :-) Gayle


Yet another near-graduate! Well done on your impending week 9 completion :-)


Well done ! I totally agree about the recovery time. I cannot believe that I can run for 28 minutes without getting out of breath! I feel tired, calves ache a bit, but I am certainly not breathless! If I'm not mistaken it's around week 4 that this magically happens. In fact, owing to having had to rest 6 weeks after my wrist injury I decided to repeat weeks 3-6. Funny, but I had no need to "recover" breath after running. Recover aplomb yes! As an ex-red-head I am fifty shades of purple after about 20 minutes, but could certainly carry on a conversation :-) All the best for your final grad run delia :-)


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