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Researching my running problems

As they say knowledge is power. Been on the sidelines a bit this week my energy levels dropped even more. Just walking up stairs left me out of breath. Any way change of tablets again and I know I am on the mend cause I am itching to get out running again. Which I am going to tomorrow but I am going to slow right down. Part of me thinks I cannot run any slower but I am going to try because I don't want to lose what I have gained so far.

I have posted a link that I found very interesting that has helped me understand what is happening to me when I run with reference to my iron levels. Ever since I started running the distances have been the sticking point. This explains why and makes me feel a little easier on myself. Also gives me the hope that it's going to get better and I will get to where I want to be with a little help from a supplement.

I am hoping there will be stopping me when all this is resolved.

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RFC I'm glad you found this article which I've just skimmed through.

In my experience Doctors don't always check your Ferritin levels and although your haemoglobin may be at a 'respectable' level your Ferritin can be down in your boots.

Don't forget to take your iron tablets and remember that sadly our bodies aren't very efficient at utilising the iron from iron-rich veg like broccoli and spinach so anyone else in the same situation can't rely on these to boost your iron stores (Ferritin). It really does have to be red meat or proper iron supplements.

Try and take your iron tablets when you have not been eating/drinking dairy products or tea as these bind with the iron to make it unavailable for your body. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron so include that in your diet and or as a supplement.

High-dose iron supplementation should be medically supervised.

Hope in a few weeks that you'll be feeling a bit more human!


Thank you for the helpful information. Had to change tablets yet again but I feel these ones are working. Went out for a little jog today. Only baby steps but I think I'm getting there.


Sorry my reply sounded a bit snotty but it sounds as if I had a similar problem a while ago and I felt dreadful! It took ages to work out what the problem was and yet, really, it was so simple. I wasn't running then so I can't imagine how you've managed. Good luck!


I definitely didn't think your reply sounded snotty flossieflyblow. I think it is a really difficult one to sort out. I hope your levels are all in the right place now. I think I have worked out what was wrong with the new tablets. They were sugar coated ones so I don't think they were getting anywhere. I think I just have to be a little patient. Hehe not my strongest suit.


Oh no! Enteric-coated tablets!! Glad you're on the right ones now! The patience thing is a pain, isn't it?


Really interesting article, thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.


Thank you. Hopefully the tablets will kick in soon.


Oh I hope you get some movement on this soon, am so glad you have managed to stay engaged and managing the xmas quest posts too!

Think you know yourself that taking your time (baby steps) is the way to go. Be easy on yourself, you will get there and hope you feel much better soon. x


Thanks for the reply. I am definitely trying to go slow and be patient


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