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graduation run anticlimax

Well I've only gone and done it - third 30 minute run completed on Sunday, in the pouring rain. Did anyone else feel it a bit of an anticlimax? I thought I'd be over the moon but now I feel 'is that it?'

Feeling a bit blue that its goodbye Laura. What next to keep me going? Dont feel up to speeding up or increasing distances yet.

Hopefully seeing my graduation badge will cheer me up! And I'll treat myself to a graduate running top. Running club here I come...

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Hey, we won't leave you!!!

Well done on your graduation, but wake up girl...... this is the start!

Write yourself a little plan to see you through 4 weeks.

Hope you are a girl, it's difficult to tell with the profile! :)


Well done on graduating! I have just done my first run, so can only dream of running as well as you. I have already set myself a goal of doing a park run, one of these days if I ever get that far. I'm sure the badge will make you feel better.


Well done Skandia. Easy to feel deflated after completing the programme. Have a look at C25k+ and even B210k and other stuff on the net. There's plenty to motivate and there's clubs and parkruns and so on. Loads to get you motivated. From someone who graduated two days ago!!


Fantastic, amazing, wonderful, awesome - don't feel blue! You are a runner, and this is only the start! Congratulations on graduating :)


yes, I felt exactly the same on Sunday when I completed my graduation run! As someone pointed out on my initial post after that, it's partly because we'd already done that run twice that week. Give it a day or so and it will sink in, look at how many athletes said it hadn't really sunk in yet when they won a medal.

You have been on an amazing journey, there have been so many achievements along the way, this run does feel a bit of an anticlimax now, but step back and look at what it means - instead of viewing the individual run, see it as the final run of this amazing journey and the start of the next amazing journey. You've inspired other people along the way - this post has already inspired another new runner (rfawag). That's you I'm talking to......Skandia.....the runner :-)

I'd definitely start on a plan (you can adapt it as you go if need be), so that you don't miss the structure that Laura gives you and there is no reason why you can't continue with the w9 podcasts in the meantime :-)

Be very, very proud of yourself, you've done great things and you will no doubt go on to even greater! Join the party! :-D


Really really well done! Someone wrote recently that it would be a nice idea to have a special podcast run for the graduate run and I think would be a great thing. Don't worry about upping distances or speed, it will all come if you want later, for now really congratulate yourself on the mountain just climbed. There are lots of other podcasts both NHS and others to explore and there's always another thing to strive towards achieving, or simply enjoy your running and just that the fact that now you CAN!


Well done and Congratulations! I did run 2 today, and even that nearly set me off-I will miss Laura so much. You are fantastic! Just keep on running :-)

Hey, anyone know an easy way to get into your own blog! So frustrating-I seem to go round and round in circles! I managed it on Monday quite by accident.


Well done Skandia, its a brilliant achievement so dont forget that! Just look how far you have come.... I graduate this week too and then plan to work on upping my speed and doing a parkrun. I think you need to have a definite plan and goal in mind to keep the motivation going and of course, dont leave this site!!


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