At the end of wk 5 podcast, run 3 it suggests doing week 5 again. Is this advice only for those who didn't complete the 3rd run or everyone?

This is the first time I have taken up running in my life, my preferred form of exercise was cycling, but after a tennis elbow injury that has to be on a back burner for at least another 6 months. So even though I completed the 3rd run of week 5 without any problems, should I repeat week 5 again or continue on to week 6?

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  • Well done in getting this far in the programme. If you completed all the runs in week 5 with no problems, then continue on to week 6. Laura is saying if you had a problem then to repeat that week.

  • I completed week 5, podcast 3 about 2 hours ago, and what I heard from Laura was that I should redo week 5 only if I had been unable to complete week 5. So well done nalinimnm for getting this far, and lets move onto week 6! Good luck!

  • Thanks for your replies and support. Onwards and upwards for us all! Week 6 here I go on Saturday.

  • Good luck with week 6

  • Let us know how you get on with week 6.

  • Well folks, I didn't repeat week 5 and moved on to week 6, but the third run of week 6 nearly finished me off, so I am repeating week 6 this week and will be doing run 2 tonight. The reason behind this is that I want to feel comfortable doing the 3rd run of week 6 before commencing week 7.

  • well done you!!!!

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