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second post grad run and second 5k

I almost shirked this one and it looked rainy and windy and I really didn't fancy being out in it. Forecast said it would stop at 1pm and it did so off i went.

I find it quite hard to get started in this new cold weather so I felt that I was going quite slow. Someone here said 'this isn't the time of year for PB's' and so I kept that in mind and tried not to get discouraged.

I'm finding that I am able to run for about 4k or about 27mins now quite comfortably. I don't have trouble breathing, my legs are fine and I don't feel tired. I then push myself at the end so by the time i hit 5k or about 30 mins i really do feel tired!

Today I knew I was slower than my first 5k which i did in 32:43, so I pushed for a little more distance and did 5.25 in 36mins.

Really chuffed that I have kept to my schedule post-grad. Fingers crossed that I get out on friday!

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Being chuffed is your prerogative now you have graduated. Your progress sounds impressive. I found setting some short term targets that could be achieved reasonably easily, was useful straight after graduation, as it kept the interest up.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Really impressed ReyC - well done!


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