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5 x 1km interval runs - total 9km in 54 mins

Hi all!

I rejigged my running plans because I'm going to be in Sweden next week and will not be able to go for a run until next Friday. I don't gave specific stats for today's because my Garmin failed right at the end and corrupted the file :-(.

So today's run was:

1km warm up - about 6:10

Then 5 lots of:

1km fast - between 4:00 and 4:20

4 mins rest

1km warm down - about 6:00

All of the fast 1kms were within my target time but the final km was a real push.

Next time I run I might reduce the rest to 3 mins to make it harder and hopefully I'll be able to get my sub 22 min time in the next 6 weeks.

So I'm very happy with the run but annoyed with the Garmin, which has now failed twice in a week.

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Sounds like a good training session. It's very frustrating when the Garmin plays up though. Well done !


Thanks and the Garmin failure was very annoying, but the run was good so I shouldn't complain too much!


Hi Aftab. It does sound like a good session. My Garmin added 3.9k (in over 1h20m) AFTER I had completed my easy 4k the other night. I could delete off the Garmin but not off the website even once I deleted the whole run and uploaded afresh. What a nuisance! I've not yet firmed up my plans for the speedwork or any alternative so I'm just plugging away building my mileage although not really stretching myself greatly. Work takes priority a lot of the time as you say too. Good luck in Sweden. (Perhaps you should take your running gear ... just in case!) All the best. James


Thanks James. I've packed all my running gear because the weather forecast is the same as London at the moment. I'll just have to plot a run which has minimal road crossings because I always look the wrong was before trying to cross the road!


Great work out - and good to note you rested. I went on a recovery run today - and was enjoying it so much- speeding along at 5 .5 per k -far to fast for me and not something i can sustain - but hugely enjoyable. Maybe i should do more of that and just accept the rest breaks - will ponder on that :-)


Thanks Susan! The interval sessions are good for stretching yourself and the rests are important otherwise you won't be able to push yourself as hard. It's well worth doing because it should feed through into your general running time eventually.


The worlds biggest HM is in Sweden... It's on my bucket list... I'm jealous, you must make the most of it...


My colleagues have already invited me to it a few times :-)


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