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RWs Training Pace Calculator

I am posting this as a new query so it doesn't get lost in Folkieboater's original post.

Further to Iannodetruffe's response, thank you by the way, it looks a good tool, it says that my VO2-max training pace is 7.06 mins/km, it also suggests running at 6 x 800 metres at VO2-max pace with 4 to 6 minutes of recovery jogging between efforts - I wondered how do we know what pace we are running at when not running a whole km?

I have a Garmin (most basic version) so I can see when I've run 800 metres, does the Garmin tell me the pace when it is less than 1km?

TBH no idea why I'm asking as there is no way I can run at that speed anyway, but it must be worth a try.

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If you have the forerunner 10 you can set it to display pace on the first screen in place of distance. I just started using it, is handy to try and keep things consistent.


OK thanks, had a look at my Garmin, is that through Run Options, Pace/Speed. Difficult to try out at the mo as I'm not suitably dressed to venture outside.


Run options - data field.


Got it, thanks! Will give it a try tomorrow.


The FR10 can display your pace as Pace (current pace); Lap pace (av per km or mile); or Avg Pace (average for the run). Find these settings in 'Pace/Speed' submenu, under the Run Options menu.


Now, that is where I looked firstly. I will obviously have to have a play with it - bit scared of all this technology. Thanks!


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