What's happening? Bad bad run

I did w8r3 tonight and only managed a mile before stopping, just couldn't seem to get my breathing right, didn't feel I was breathing deep enough and my chest felt tight(could have been the cold air?) I fear I am starting losing my enthusiasm but I really don't want to quit. This is only the second failure as the same happened on w7r2 at the same point. Feel a bit down now and unsure if I should just man up and get out on Saturday and start week nine? Or try the same run again before progressing.

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  • The cold weather can affect your breathing. Sometimes you need to acclimatise a bit longer before running. You could try using a buff or fleece scarf over your mouth at the start of a run until your lungs get used to the cold air. My husband has to do this at the start of our bike rides in the winter.

  • I've been having the same trouble, since it's getting pretty cold here, and it's not a good thing for my asthma:S

    what I have found out that works for me atleast - is pretty much the same as AnnieW55 has said,

    longer warmup walks

    and a scarf or a buff (or in my case, my wool undershirt has a pretty high neck - so I can pull that one up over my mouth and breathe thrue it)

    helps alot:)

    But I'll be keeping an eye out for this thread for more ideas:)

    happy running

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