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Volume problem


Just started on Wk5, all going very well. Apart from one really annoying problem. The volume keeps going down. I can hear Laura OK the start, but at at the end of the warm up she is barely audible. I turn the volume back up, but she is a whisper again come the next instruction. This has been going on since the beginning of wk4, but now I am running alongside a busier road so am missing out instructions and tips.

No other apps in the background. Problem is the same in or out of the arm case (buttons not being pressed by accident)



Standard earbuds

Belkin armcase

Now resorting to playing the app at home, writing down the instructions and using a stopwatch!


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It's the app , it's rubbish , use the podcast if you don't mind the music , I've tried loads of times with that app on same phone as you , it's allways same !


Cheers Rockette, will try that when I am back home and can get on iTunes. Doubt very much I will like the music, unless by a miracle it is The Chemical Brothers!


I doubt it , ha ha


You'll LOVE the music, it's awful!!!


You are right about the muzak, truly awful.

On Wk 6 now, so it's not an issue, I have a regular 5k route that I can run with only a short 90 second walk, about two thirds in.


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