Is it too soon to be thinking about life after graduation Going to be doing Wk7r3 on thurs

Looks like lots of us on wk7+8 and could maybe be graduating before Christmas and was wondering is it too soon to start thinking of next goal. 5k?parkrun?increase speed ? etc I don't want to tempt fate but this running thing seems to have taken over my life last couple off months and am having little niggly thoughts about how will I cope without structure of Laura


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  • I think it's a bit like anticipating retirement from work. The sooner you work out a plan the better!

    I still feel very adrift because I have not got a plan in place to progress to. All I do is run Stamina or Week 9 over and over again on alternate days. I'm no longer improving and can easily bunk off - too easily!

    So I would say it's not too soon to make plans. Wish I had! Can I join up with your lot? :)

  • Thanks Beek Really good advice Of course - more the merrier . There is also a fantastic post Started by realfoodieclub for graduates to set goals for Christmas Def worth a look Very inspiring to see what graduates are aiming for

  • Being in the same position as you fitfor60, I have started looking at doing bridge to 10k and have also signed up for parkrun luckily there are two quite close to me but I want to get my 5k a bit quicker before taking the plunge

  • Yes I was thinking of doing park run and if I thought I wouldn't look too stupid I would like to do it before Christmas but am really really slow Think I really need training plan to increase how far can run as nowhere near 5k at moment Not sure if I will ever do 10k though maybe a step ( or a lot of steps!) too far ! Good luck with your goals

  • I've registered for park run , I've only just completed wk 7 & nowhere near 5k but it does say for our park run , which is just down the road from me , that it is not a race. & all welcome no matter what age or abilities so I figured I'll register & turn up one Saturday after graduation , don't know about other park runs but you can register whith ours & turn up any Saturday you want . So you see it's a goal something to work towards .

  • You have right attitude rockette I should just take the plunge and register so am all ready for the sat morning when I wake up and think ' today's the day' Do you have a training plan in mind once you graduate? Let us know when you do first parkrun Ill keep an eye out for your graduation post !

  • No not yet , going to have to though , because if I don't I will lose motivation . I saw something on internet for when you can run 30 mins , it was a training plan to get you to 5k in 30 min , can't remember title of web page but when I find it I'll let you know , it looked good & doable . I know what you mean about taking over your life , I'm same , good luck with future runs

  • That web page is about.comjogging&running , there's a few training plans on there

  • Running& jogging , wi put it wrong way round

  • Thank you ill have a look I'm starting to feel all you guys are now my new best friends Everyone is soooooo helpful and encouraging

  • If you can find it that would be great Apart from running taking over your life this forum lark is a close 2nd I have never been involved In blogs posting before -- could never see the point But this forum is such a support

  • Ha ha you sound so like me , it is a close second . That web page is about.comrunning&jogging , don't know how to do that link thing .

  • I didn't factor in 2 things.

    1. Blogging time

    2. Washing time - so much laundry!

    Still glad I'm running though! Worth all the effort!

  • Oh yea. The washing Husband doesn't understand how I can have so much

  • I'm feeling exactly the same, W7R3 tomorrow, weather permitting. Worrying I'll let all this hard work go to waste if I don't have Laura and the goal to aim for. My initial goal was just to keep going for 30mins so I suppose building up distance is after that but I don't want to lose motivation either, I need Laura.

    I'd love to know the website Rockette when you find it, if you don't mind sharing:-)

  • About.comrunning& jogging it's got all different plans

  • Wow! loads of stuff, thank you.

  • C25k is all about achieving targets, so I made sure that I set my own soon after graduation. These can be based on speed, distance or endurance or a combination of all three. At present I am aiming at getting my home run 5k down to an average pace of 6min/k for the whole run, which is difficult because of the long hill at the end. Other targets I am working towards are 10 miles and a Half Marathon distance before Christmas, plus I want to beat my Park Run PB. Make your goals attainable and not too long term so that you have the satisfaction of getting the same sort of buzz that C25k delivers on a weekly basis. It works for me. Good luck.

  • That's good advice to set short term goals The reason I started c25k was to be able to run race in may with 3yr old grandson who has leukaemia He ran 1 ml last year and to my shame I couldn't keep up with him So I will be able to do this next year I will give thought to short term goals and let you all know Good luck with your targets iannoda truffe . Ill keep an eye out for your posts

  • Bet your grandson is proud of you .

  • Fitfor60 that is such a lovely thing to be able to do with your grandson. I am sure you will be running the whole 5k soon enough, like you I am really slow I won't be anywhere near 5k by the time I graduate, but what I have been doing when I run with my son We do what I need to do for the C25k session but then we also carry on walk/running till we get to 5k it doesn't matter how long it takes just keep going and your times will improve.

  • Grandson hasn't really seen me run yet --- none of my family have although very supportive ( Omg will that be another goal to run in front of people i know) Grandson thinks I should get 'go fast' trainers like his and then I could run faster ! I am going to look at all advice and try and work out plan. Wise words Mummysaurus when you say 'just keep going'

  • You are all correct. I graduated in May, the 30 mins bit anyway - my 1st goal was the 5K. I got there with Stepping Stones from the C25K + podcasts so I still had Laura. Unfortunately after an injury I lost fitness then the gremlins got in my head and I'm struggling to hit 30mins now. I registered at Park Run and I volunteer to Marshall to meet people and ease into it. They're always needing helpers as its the only way they can do it. All Park Runs are mixed ability but at mine I'd be 10+ minutes slower than the last finisher as I'm a bit of a 'plodder' so I haven't run one yet.

    Instead I joined a RunEngland beginners group which is really pushing me and I need it.

    You are totally right to plan Post C25K as its so easy to lose your way and get disheartened

    Good luck with your running

  • Yes The plodder in me knows parkrun is NOT a race BUT the women in me says I don't want to be last Silly I know I AM going to do one before Christmas I hope your gremlins have gone and good luck in getting back to where you want to be .Your post shows that graduation is not the end of the journey but just another beginning Thanks deekay 64

  • join me on my 100k to Christmas challenge - I put a post on here about it last night xxx

  • Thanks ill have a look

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