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Don’t doubt the plan!


First rule of Couch to 5K club don’t doubt the plan.

29th July I couldn’t complete a full minute running! Today I beat the mountain of 20 mins.. anyone coming up to that stage and doubting it.. Don’t. Even my previous run I struggled to the end of the 8 mins

The plan works! I completed 2/3rds of a parkrun today in that 20 min run. Walked and a little bit of running at the end to complete the 5k. Next time I’m free for a parkrun I think I will be on target to complete the full 5k without walking.

Trust in the plan

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Great job... and at parkrun too! You got this now... you just killed your fear!

Well done you. Fantastic achievement 👍🏻My 20min run scheduled for Friday next week !!


Well done! Thanks for this. I needed the reminder! Finishing up week 2 and still feel like the step up for each week is going to be impossible

Crutty in reply to bluepanda

Same here - full of self-doubt but reading all these success stories is getting me through - we can do this xxx




Don’t doubt the plan... this run was a fear! And it’s well and truely been binned!

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