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Week 7- still running!!!!

Week 7has been my pitfall and although I am still at it , I am on my 6th run!, have managed 25mins twice then some 20,22,23. -but find 25 a real struggle . Thought by my 6th run I would have just"got it" by now but seems to be my arch enemy!. Is it a mental block of hearing Laura say only half way through at 12.5mins,should I move on to week 8just for the push????

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Have to admit I also am not keen on that half way reminder I find I feel a bit deflated rather than spurred on. As for your block with week 7 Are you maybe running too fast? are you having enough rest days? Maybe if it is a mental block then how about trying to run for 13 mins walk for 1 run for 12 or 13 then next time cut the walk down to 30 seconds and I think you may find you just keep going and cant be bothered to do the walk.


I also found that half way reminder really demotivating. After struggling and failing the 20 min run on week 5 I worried about moving to week 6, but was glad I did as managed to complete the 25 mins at end of week 6 first time -.have to say that was much more mentally than physically challenging. Then I took the advice of others on here forW7 R1 and used my own playlist, and ended up running for nearly 30 mins! Might be worth trying your own list and / or moving on to W8, as feeling"stuck" on W7 won't help the mental battle either. Good luck!


I got stuck mentally on The longer runs for quite a while. I found with me. I needed my own music to get me over the hurdle. I needed to slow down and a runner advised me that before I stop running count to 100. I started doing that and I found what that did, was take my mind of the run. For some of us the longer runs take a bit of time to master but your doing the right thing by still going out there. Good luck and try not to stress too much. Once you have conquered it there will be no stopping you so it's worth taking the time to get it right for you.


I took about a month to get through week 7! I stopped aiming for 25 mins and instead aimed for 23 and when I completed that 3 times I moved on and completed 25 mins 3 times and feel a lot better about it now!

You saw my post about getting through it - you know it was such a struggle but I hope you can take my example and realise it is possible for you. So what if it takes you another 6 runs to get there. You will and when you do you won't need to step back again.

I find listening to my own music helps too as when I sing along to the songs (not out loud!) it distracts me from the running.


Thanks everyone -such a lovely support forum, I know in my heart I am nearly there and not to get to caught up in it all -just need to get over the mental battle of thinking it would be easier by now! Perhaps that's the whole point of running that it never gets easier as you push yourself more. Thanks again everyone


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