Couch to 5K

Tips for starting Week 2

very pleased that I finshed Week 1, but didn't find it easy at all and took nearly two weeks to get there Do I start Week 2 or keep going on Week 1 until its easy ? By the time I get to the 6th run I am counting down the seconds, although to be positive I am jogging in a much more upright position than the agonised stumble I started with !

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I would move on to week two and just go steady. I didn't find it harder than week 1.


done it !

thanks for your support


I agree - if you completed a run, always go on to the next one. I'd only repeat a run if you failed to complete it. Repeating week one endlessly isn't going to improve your fitness very quickly but stepping it up according to the programme definitely will.

You can do week 2.



just done first run and completed it, so very chuffed but my legs are on fire - and so is my chest


Onwards and upwards! Took me nearly six weeks to get three Week One runs under my belt and asked pretty much the same question. I found Week 2 easier than Week 1. In fact nothing has ever been quite as grim as 8 lots of running!


i got 3 supportive answers to my question - but have to say the thought of doing fewer lots was the biggest help. Only trouble was in my quest to alsways do this on the level or going down hill !! ended up a long way from home so my cooldown 5 mins was more like 20 and it is dark now i have finally got home


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