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Back to the beginning

I'm feeling a bit pleased with myself for picking this up again after an epic fail and a bit embarrassed at my giving up last time around. Spurred on by a couple of my friends who have told me that Park Run is now happening in Shrewsbury I'd really love to join in so have started back with this program in the hope that by early next year the 5k run around the Quarry won't seem an impossible goal.

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WELL DONE YOU for getting back into the running again. No need to feel embarrassed. Life does not always go as we wish.

Good Luck this time round and with the help of your friends you'll knock them for six in the New Year!


Hi there.

Wanted you to know you've really inspired me!

Was about to post that I hadn't really run properly or regularly for around 4/5 weeks and was going to ask for help getting my va va voom back.

5k early next year? Now there's a goal!



I'm heading down to Shrewsbury in February for a few days (Oswestry home town reunion) so good luck with the programme and may see you at Parkrun.


Aw thanks Beek, gypsydepp and Oldgirl! It's so great to get a response or 3!


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