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Well I've just finished wk4 run 1 and my Runkeeper app tells me I've run 0.00km! felt longer than that! Lol!

Ok. So Runkeer says I'm in a poor GPS signal area...I'll grant you that there are mature trees overhanging the pavements where I run, but I'd still say I was in a fairly open area. Anyone else experience this problem? Which run apps are the better ones?

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none of them work for me....tried runkeeper, endomondo, may my run :(

sorry cant help, hope you get one that works


The phone apps are all as bad as one another, I gather, with only the dedicated GPS devices, such as Garmin etc, giving better results. I stick with Runkeeper (free) because it offers intervals. Stand still to get a fix before you set off on your run, it can take a couple of minutes. I gave up waiting yesterday because I know the length of my route and was only interested in the overall time. If you have lots of overhanging trees or indeed tall buildings, you may have difficulties, even with a dedicated GPS device.


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