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Day one... COMPLETE!!

Having gained a hefty midriff during my last relationship (he annoyed me so I ate not the best plan)!!! I've decided its time to get back on the weight loss train. Like a lot of people I've always struggled with my weight not only because I enjoy cake but also because I really hate exercise. Like really! But today after about two months worth of thinking about it I decided to say sod it and start the C25K....

All I can say is after my first jog. WOW. I feel great, all energised and sparky. Really enjoyed the trainer (sally?) telling me I was doing well, it didn't feel like she was false, and even though I was a sweaty mess and my jog is pretty slow I really feel like I've accomplished something. I hope that I stay motivated enough to do the whole program even when I come home from work and the sofa beckons...

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First of all a huge well done! The first step is the hardest and you have done it. Secondly just focus on how great you feel now. And as for after work, do not allow yourself to sit down! I have to put my running stuff at the bottom of the stairs and just go. Otherwise I sit still and it doesnt happen! Keep us all posted, its amazing how much this community keeps us going and the joy of being able to write a successful post :) well done and happy running!


Good for you girl .... Show 'him' and the world you're not beaten! C25K is the absolute very best brain and body adjusting programme - loads of us have lost a few inches, become addicted to the buzz of running (despite initial body blubber, mood swings, grotty weather and folk telling us we couldn't/shouldn't do it) and some, like me, just love the ME time that a run gives us - really enjoyable thinking time with no interruptions! :)

Don't rely on pounds disappearing quickly though! Lots of folk find that as fat is run off, muscle (which weighs heavier) starts to define your body better .... So after a few weeks prepare for loser trousers, slimmer legs, better skin tone and a great peace in your head ... Just don't look at the scales!

It's a great time of year to be running too ... weather cool, scenery pretty, soggy leaves to run through, and low sun rises and sunsets through misty skies .... and I get all that in a town! ;)

This is the very best forum for sharing your experiences, and getting any questions answered re running problems, the programme etc etc. Also, Laura (podcast pal) will spur you onwards and upwards through your weeks ahead. Follow the programme as well as you can, remembering that the day of rest between runs is when your muscles heal and strengthen. If you are sore or achey, there's nothing wrong with taking an additional rest day.

Keep buzzing Lucyroses, we're all looking forward to hearing about your stages to the completion of C25K. Lots of luck :)

Cheers, Linda


Great news - that confidence boosting first run is amazing. So hang onto to that feeling. I started running six months ago in a fairly miserable overweight place. But i have found this forum a fantastic support - for the good days and the 'bad run' days. The above post is quite right - the mood enhancer is a great boost - but do not rely on running for weight loss. In the early days to be honest not many calories are burnt off- and from experience it is easy to eat too many calories as a reward for running. Seven months on i have lost 12 pounds - through pretty conscious dietary effort as well as the running. Others have been more disciplined than me and lost more.

But really nothing should take away from how good you feel today- welcome and stay in touch :-)


Well done! The first step is always a mental battle. Hope you'll keep the good feeling. There will be some tough runs, but just remember the great feeling you have on completing a run. I'm on week 8 now. Didn't think I would be able to do it, but I'm living proof!


Well done and congratulations on the start of your new journey. I have found confidence is one of the biggest things I have gained from learning to run. It's an amazing program and the support and help on this program is second to none. Welcome good luck and enjoy.


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