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Pre Christmas goal challenge

I am signing myself up for Realfoodieclub's group. I have had a very busy time since graduating so have had less time for running. But I have to admit that without the goal of completing each week, so needing to get in three runs, it has been harder to get motivated. I also noticed that the change in the weather has made me more asthmatic, so reluctantly have gone back to the inhaler before a run. I used to gave to carry it with me in the early weeks of running but was so pleased when running helped me to be less asthmatic, so needing the inhaler seemed like a backward step.

I will have to think hard about my goal, but will post it on here and keep updating my progress.

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What's the realfoodies? Is it a weight loss group ? Good luck with the running .


Realfoodieclub's is a member and she has posted about a Xmas quest a couple of days ago. I have signed up too!


I have joined too, needing a bit of a focus!


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