Reached my goal and some!!!!

When I started the C to 25k plan my goal was to complete week 9 before I reached my 65th birthday. Well that big day has arrived and I am now on week 14!!! Still running 3 times every week and thoroughly enjoying it too. The weather has been kind to me and I don't have to get out so early now the cooler weather has arrived. I've had a few minor problems with ITB and inner thigh strain but nothing major to prevent me from running. It's encouraging to read all your posts and they really help to spur me on. Good luck and happy running to everyone out there

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57 Replies

  • Happy birthday and well done on completing the programme.

  • Thank you so much

  • Happy birthday Mazzero!

    You've done fantastically well and smashed that goal and some!

    Hope you have a lovely day x

  • Thank you J for your good wishes. I've got to keep training through the winter so that I can smash that 5 K in next years race for life. I hope you are keeping well xx

  • Well done Mazzero and many happy returns. Theres some maths in all this you know (albeit very loose). You only 65 once so multiply 1.65 by 9 weeks gives you your 14 weeks. I must really go find something to do.... Have a good birthday.

  • You are so clever!!!! Maths was my worst subject I'm afraid. Thanks for your good wishes

  • Good morning Mazz ....and Happy Birthday !

    It's fantastic that you reached the goal you set yourself,five weeks early too and you can feel proud to be a runner on your 65th :)

    Have a fab day x

  • Cheers Carole. Hope all is well with you xxx

  • Congratulations and double-celebration with your birthday ! Have a great time :)

  • Thank you so much

  • Mazzero, Isn't it great to have discovered this running thing? I bet that, like me, you wish you had started thirty years ago. Let's make the most of what we've got. Here's wishing you many happy returns and many happy runs.

  • Ah thank you so much. This running malarkey is pretty good and just exploring our potential at whatever age feel so good. Best wishes to you both

  • Happy birthday Mazzero!

    Enjoy your day & bask in the glory of reaching your target early x

  • Thank you Scipio. Hope your running is going well x

  • Happy birthday and well done on reaching your goal. I hope you have a great day. X

  • Thank you so much x

  • Spiffing news! Well done Mazzero and isn;t it great to have achieved your goal? I'm told 65 is the new 45.....

  • Ha ha thanks Dan. Tbh I still feel 18 deep down inside where I live but cannot lie cos the mirrors don't reflect this image but I'm I've and running Bliss!!!!

  • Grrr I've should read alive. Damn predictive text

  • Happy Birthday Mazzero! Fantastic achievement and so glad you have the running bug! ;)

    Sue x

  • Thank you so much and it's the only bug I don't mind having x

  • Happy birthday and well done, it's such an inspiration to hear of your success as I've just started running at 58 and wondered whether I was too long in the tooth! I've not posted on here yet as each week made me wonder whether I would do the next one. However, here I am on week 5 and run 2 due this evening after work. So far I've run in the cold and the rain (I'm very nesh too!) and haven't missed a day apart from when my ipod broke (during the middle of a run!).

    I'm thoroughly enjoying getting fit and being out in the elements.

    Have a great day.

    Jo x

  • Thanks Jo. You are doing really well and this is your big week and when you finish this week you will really start to believe that you will do this. Keep posting so we can cheer you on through to your graduation Good luck x

  • Yeah, come on Jo, we really do love to hear everybody's journey. I'm 58, next birthday, a recent graduate and can vouch for the fact that it is never too late.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Hey thanks Mazzero and Ian - I suddenly feel like part of a big family of supportive runners and really appreciate your comments. To update you I've completed run 2 of week 5 tonight and it was much better than I anticipated. I run at a snails pace - I think a very slow walker would overtake me, however, at least I'm doing it! I feel so good and, as you've said in previous posts Ian - I wish I had discovered running years ago! I'm making up for lost time though and determined to do the gruelling 20 minute run on Friday after work, followed by a nice chilled glass of wine!

    Thanks for your support. I will keep you posted :) x

  • Many happy returns of the day Mazzero. Congratulations upon the graduation and very best wishes for a great day and happy running for many more years to come. Linda X

  • Thank you so much Linda. I am still going slow and steady but loving the sense of achievement. x

  • Happy birthday and congratulations on keeping up the running!

  • Thank you so much.

  • A very happy birthday. A big well done for graduating and I hope you are having a great big celebration. :)

  • Thank you so much. I've got a big party planned at the rugby club on Friday which is also the place where I run so will feel at home

  • Happy birthday! And congrats on all your running progress. An inspiration to all of us "undergraduates"

  • Thank you Ruth and good luck with your journey. Will look forward to reading your graduation post

  • Happy birthday! Congratulation on reaching your goal....well done!

  • Ah thank you

  • Happy Birthday Mazzero, and wishing you many more running birthdays!

  • Thank you Delia I feel grateful for every birthday now. Hopefully many more to come if I take care of myself and keep running.

  • I need you to talk to my husband. He's turned 65 & is feeling it or thinks he should be feeling it. You could explain that it doesn't need to be like this. Mind when my mum met him he was in his thirties & she said he was like an 85 year old then. It's a mind set thing I think, so you can be 18 if you want & damn the mirrors. A very Happy Birthday to you & thank you for being an inspiration. xx

  • Thank you Waletta for your good wishes. I think that you are right about mindset and age. Life isn't a dress rehearsal so it's important to make the years count and explore our potential in as many areas that we can. Best wishes to you and your hubby x

  • Belated birthday wishes, you have done so well. It truly is an amazing programme, I did my second post grad run tonight and really enjoyed it x

  • Thanks Katee. So glad you're enjoying it too. Isn't it good to run for 30 minutes or so and just know you can do it x

  • it sure is x

  • Happy birthday and congratulations!

  • Thank you Susan x

  • Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you're having a fabulous day - and congratulations on the 14 weeks happy running - keep on running!!!! xx

  • Hi Fee and thank you. Ha ha 'keep on running' is one of my music tracks that kicks in half way through and spurs me on. I'm still counting the weeks to map my progress and I hope your running is going well x

  • It is thanks. It's three months since I started this running lark! But I'm struggling to remember life before I started running !! xx

  • So pleased to read your post Mazzero, because I am in a similar position - 65 next birthday and wondering if I am too old to do the programme. First run today - challenging but I did it! Inspired to read your story. Hope I get there too.

  • I am so pleased to hear from you maysidotes You have just taken a step that may change your life in so many ways. Well done for completing your first run which in my opinion is the toughest. I was worried that I might drop dead during week 1 podcast!!!! As you go on through the programme you will build your strength and stamina and notice a change in your body shape. My daughters just love my toned legs. Just go slow and steady and believe me you can do this. Please keep posting so that we can support you and it's good to reflect back on earlier posts to see how far you've come. Good luck

  • Happy Birthday and Congratulations. May you have many happy runs ahead. Linda

  • Thank you Linda. Happy running and best wishes to you too x

  • I started the program at 65 and I took my time repeating weeks until I had the confidence to move on to the next week's challenge. But I finally finished and now I am really pleased with the fact that I can run for 30 minutes. As you carry on you feel a little less long in the the tooth. So have a great birthday celebration and hopefully your determination will encourage others to have a go.

  • Thank you and it's so good to hear about others of our age embracing this challenge and enjoying that wonderful sense of achievement It's a great feeling!!!!

  • Happy Birthday and brilliant to hear you're enjoying running.

  • Thank you swancot for your good wishes. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the lovely pictures that you share with us happy running

  • Happy birthday, and congratulations on all you have achieved - long may it continue!


  • Thanks Chris. Just about ready to run off my post birthday fuzzy head!!!!

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