5km goal achieved

I have actually done it , reached one of my goals of running continually for 5km. This feels as good as I did a couple of weeks ago when I ran wk9r3. The last couple of weeks have been difficult, totally wrecking myself on one run then struggling even after a days rest. Took advice from different posts and rested for a few days. On Wednesday went for a very gentle run for 20mins , with only a slight twinge near the end. Again decided to take 2 rest days. This morning was perfect, cool, dry, no wind and the sun starting to break through the morning mist. So set off feeling good, intending to try for 30mins, but decided that any discomfort I would stop. I just kept going, totally oblivious to the time or distance. Eventually I realised that I had passed the furthest point I had ever reached, so turned and headed for home expecting to have to walk quite a way. At the first big hill instead of focusing on the slope I started on reciting multiplication tables, finding that a step with each syllable of the chant worked for me. The hill passed with no problem, therefore continued with the tables in my head and before I knew it RK announced that I had completed 5km. Fantastic - I was elated, the 5mins cool down walk was almost a celebratory dance. Hope this does not sound too big headed but I am so happy.

Back on 4th August when I struggled totally with wk1r1 there was no way I could have imagined that I would be able to run non -stop for 5km. I am a plodder, it is not a thing of beauty to see me run, but although slow, like the tortoise I got there. In totally I ran just over 40mins, my next personal goal is to get the time down.

Hope everyone has a good run today,


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7 Replies

  • Oh well done, sounds a perfect run :-). I'm well jealous - have yet to manage 5k myself. Congratulations, and enjoy that good feeling!

  • Yay! Its an amazing feeling isn't it? Well done.

  • great stuff :D starting W9 next tuesday , will use RK for the 1st time then to see where i am, time and distance wise 5k is the magic distance , well done :D

  • The first 5k is magic - well done!

    I think my first was about 40 mins - I'm now working on 35 - was sooo close yesterday.

  • It's a somersault/backwards flip/cartwheel moment isn't it - and once it's done you can't undo it - WELL DONE YOU!

  • You've really made me laugh and laugh and laugh....times tables!!!!!! Top tip though I think its probably something that will actually work for me.....how far did you get to?? the 12 times?????? Well Done..keeping it up x

  • I only went up to the 12 times, the grey cells were slowly abandoning me. At least it helped divert my mind from the hills. If I am trying to get into shape I may as keep the brain active as well!

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