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W8 R3 didn't think I was going to make it....but I did. One week closer to graduating!

I know it sounds daft but you'd think that having done two runs of week 8 that the 3rd would be easy. But I find running so mentally challenging. I had a weeks break between runs 2 & 3 and just didn't think I would be able to do 28 mins. But remembering Laura's encouragement that if you've done the previous weeks then you can do this. So with that in mind I started running. I always find the first 5 mins or so hard before I get into some semblance of a rhythm so wasn't put off by that and basically just kept going. And managed it. Now looking forward to graduating, hopefully next week!

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I think running is lot in the mind. My body is quite capable - but I can easily talk myself out of being able to run even 1k. I found the last week a real mental challenge and was delighted to graduate.

So best of luck next week and practise that racing on the spot routine to celebrate :-)


Congrats! 5 mins? Take me around 17 minutes to feel comfortable so you are beating me there! You are so close, and you can definitely do this. I am very much looking forward to reading your graduation post :)


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