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W7R3 finished

Well here we are back on the home strait for the second time and I hope I make it through the next two weeks this time.

Since I last posted I had to take a break, my asthma was playing up something chronic and I felt all it took for my lungs to tighten up was Laura's lovely soothing encouraging voice! I gave up the programme temporarily but kept jogging away very slowly up and down the local hills, but with no pressure to achieve anything. Meanwhile asthma clinic adjusted my drugs, and I realised at one point I'd managed to steadily jog about for 40 minutes! So I took up the programme again at W7. Fingers crossed for W8 starting Friday or Sat.

Odd tags huh.

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Brownfox, hope that you get to be a quick brownfox again soon. If the asthma clinic are happy with you but you're associating Laura with a tight chest can you just have your mp3 player on quietly with just one earpiece in so you can mostly ignore what she's saying except things like 'only 1 minute left'?

All the very best and don't get fed up if you are frustrated that this is taking more than 9 weeks. It has taken me since April, so about 6 months but I finished today! Eeek!


What a good idea about the one earpiece - I might try that! Or maybe set alarms on my phone to go off at selected milestones - then I can listen to my on music. Cheers!

Wow, you finished today? Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your well-earned graduates badge.


Oh that's clever! Can you set off more than one alarm on your phone? I obviously need to find a small child to sort that out for me as I'm a bit of a technophobe!

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