Wk 5 r3 Just run 20 mins !!!!! Can't stop smiling

I have never joined in a forum before but am so excited about this mornings run had to tell someone. I have read all your posts in last 5 weeks and can't begin to thank you all for your inspiration --- would never have managed it without you. My goal was to be able to run 1mile with my 3yr old grandson who was diagnosed with leukaemia last Dec Since his diagnoses he has taken part in 3 charity races and to my shame I wasn't able to keep up with him ---it made me realise that this nearly 60 yr old overweight grandma better get a grip and sort herself out It took me months before I felt able to start c25k but is one of best things I have ever done. In Wk r1 I felt awful - today I feel fantastic Yea!!!!!!!!!


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  • Weigh hay! Welcome to this lovely community of bloggers - and hang on to those smiles for as long as possible! Hopefully you will be able to keep up with your little grandson next time out! You will find the running a tremendous help as a stress buster in weeks to come. WELL DONE for starting the programme! You will feel many benefits on many levels! Keep us posted!

  • Thank you so much Its amazing that so many people take time to support each other. I now feel confident to sign up to next race my grandson able to do and you so right it does help stress levels

  • A very big welcome and well done :) and it won't be long till you graduate, and your smile will be even bigger. Please keep us posted about how you are getting on and how your very brave grandson is doing :)

  • Thank you for your kind words My grandson is doing exactly as drs hope but the side effects of steroids are just awful He is just amazing

  • Well done to both of you, he sounds like a real inspiration!

  • Thanks He's great What he is going through does put my everyday moans into perspective

  • Congratulations on completing Wk5 r3 - it's a real milestone and I'm not surprised you were elated - well done :)

  • Thanks looking forward to next runs and eventually graduate badge - somehow seems doable now

  • Congratulations on your recent achievment which I am sure is just the first of many to come. You will be showing off your new shiny graduation badge before you know it and will be a great source of encouragement for your lovely grandson. I've just turned 60 and it is definetley do-able.

  • Thank you I never thought I would be doing this at my age I have been lucky so far and apart from first couple of weeks when legs ached on runs have had no joint pain Still find breathing REALLY difficult although recover quicker now Did you find running got 'easier ' once you graduated

  • I would never in a million years have seen myself running at any age never mind at 60! Hated running at school . However the thing is that I am actually doing it now and mostly getting a great feeling of satisfaction from it. I've been lucky too and have had no injuries or joint pain. My legs do feel as though they can't go any further at times but they nearly always comply if I can get my mind into gear. As for the breathing I do still find it difficult but it is a lot better than it was in the early days. It would be easier still if I didn't have a streaming nose within a few seconds of starting a run. I always have to have a tissue in my hand!

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