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Gave up halfway through the run today...bumped into someone halfway through my warm up walk which just completely threw me (despite re-starting the walk). Then I had soggy feet, a rumbling stomach, I needed a wee and it started pouring with rain. So I admitted defeat and told myself that ten minutes running is better than none at all.

On the upside: I ordered a dress from Joe Brown's which I am having to return because it's far too big!!! Still heavy on the scales but looking and feeling much better :0)

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Yep, 10 minutes is much better than none. Good luck on your next one!


I stuttered on this exact run, giving up after 13 mins. Have since repeated and completed r1, and r2, so don't despair too much...chalk it up as a bad run and get back out there as soon as you can (having gone to the loo first lol!) And congrats on the inch a great feeling when things are too big isn't it?! Xx


It's amazing! I'm still 13st 10lbs (13st 6lbs when I started C25K) but my jeans are so baggy around my thighs now. I'm hoping to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! Been spurred on by someone who has told me I never will (sour grapes I think!).

Some days are just not made for running :0)


as someone who has never run in her life before and always been overweight my running has been quite fragile - meaning i am easily put off so i can really emphasis where you are coming from, i have lost over 2 stone but at the moment being mentally very challenged to carry on running but i am just keeping on doing it, even if my legs/ body feels like lead, and if i can do it - you can, well done for what you have done so far and keep it up!


its so amazing when you start to see and feel better - and getting more stamina:D

so Congratulations :)

hah I can relate - I was told not so long ago - that I will never get back to my pre-baby weight - GRRRR

that is just not something you should ever say to a woman - I'm still pissed off heheh

I too got a distraction last time when I was runninng, that threw me off, and ruined my first 5 min run (am on week 4) .. I somehow managed though to finish the rest - and wrote that fist 5 mins just off on a bad start hehe

bad days- they just happen:S


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