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W7R1 done and dusted

I’m wondering when these longer runs are going to feel easier?! The first half is fine but I can’t help hearing that I’m ONLY halfway there makes me feel suddenly worn out! I’m still staggering on the last 5 mins and if I had energy would laugh at the suggestion to speed up for the final 60 seconds! Making it through, though, tomato face and all - which is still more than I believed possible 7 weeks ago 💁🏻‍♀️

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I feel the same way about the week 7 runs. I am going at a snail’s pace (actually, I am sure snails look speedy next to me) & I can’t imagine going any quicker at the end. For me, it’s my legs that are tired— no issues with feeling out of breath but my legs feel like jelly!


Thanks good to knowslow movement is ok!


Speed up for the last 60 seconds made me 😳 too! Keep plodding for the last 60 seconds would be more apt for me 🐌🤣🤣


😀 thanks!


Well done for achieving this one. It’s not easy and we are used to having two small runs after the final big run of a week...not this week!

Slowing down is the answer. But every run is building out strength and stamina - but we are tired by it so perhaps don’t notice the improvement?

Remember we are heading to 30 mins non-stop. We’ve come from 1 min to 25 mins so far, really quickly.

Enjoy the next one!

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Thanks for the encouragement!


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