Laid up yet again

I've had to book an appointment with a sports physio. My right shin which has been buzzing with pain for over 6 weeks, is getting worse. I've only run once in that time and I think even that didn't do it much good. What's scary is that it throbs even when I'm sitting down and now walking has become a bit of an effort.

I'm bloomin' down in the dumps about this as I can sense my body saying to me "Come on Dan! Get the hell out there and runs some K's!". Alas, I'm ignoring that voice because I know if I try and "run through the pain" I'm just going to do some stupid damage.

Oh well. Wish me luck with Mr Physio on Friday. I'm sure he'll know what to do.

Until we meet again!



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23 Replies

  • Dan, that's such a shame - I really feel for you. You are doing exactly the right thing, as you well know, but I understand your frustration!

    I hope the physio can sort things out and that you'll soon be back out and regaling us with your fabulous entertaining posts!

    Best of luck for Friday.

  • Thanks dottiemay. I'll be back soon - I hope!

  • Seeing a sports physio is a smart move. With my first running injury (ITBS) I wasted weeks leaving increasingly long rests before attempting runs, but seeing no progress at all. It's only when I saw my physio that I found out what was wrong, and more importantly, what to do to recover.

    I hope you get some good advice at your appointment.

  • Cheers swanscot. I'll let everyone know the findings.

  • Good luck with your appointment Danzargo. Hope all goes well for you x

  • Thank you.

  • Sorry to hear that, Dan.

    I sympathise, as my right shin has been a problem since a run on Sunday. Fine during the run, but then later in the day it started hurting until it became surprisingly painful and was unpleasant even to walk around. The received advice is that you should allow shin splints (I'm assuming that's what it is) a couple of weeks to recover and definitely not to run through the pain. Six weeks is a long time though, so it may be something else in your case.

    Good luck with the physio. Let us know his verdict.

  • Thanks for your reply Landesman. I'm guessing shin splints but I'll see what your man says. Stay tuned!

  • Definitely a wise move to see the physio, hope you get sorted soon!

  • Thanks notbad

  • You are definitely doing the right thing, fingers crossed they can see what it might be and get it sorted out soon.

    The frustration having come this far and then having to stop can be quite depressing!!

  • It IS depressing c4ts! Thanks for your post. Can't wait to start running again though.

  • completely sympathise - and wish you all the best for Friday.x

  • Thanks Suzy!

  • Poor you, I know how you feel. But chin up and do as the physio says. S/he'll give you the right advice . Do let us know how you get on Dan. xox delia

  • Fanks Delia babe. I'll letcha know 'ow it goes treacle!

  • Are you sure you have the right shoes??? I know that sounds daft but I had the shin splints thing and I actually couldn't walk. When I went to the special shop I couldn't run so they could assess me as I was in so much pain....

    Oh and supplements... And most importantly... Berrocca... It's the drink of choice for every panther I know and love.... It's kept me germ free for 3 years ( no joke)... And at the age of 43 that's not bad... So...don't get down, tell the pain to f*** off, get the shoes and get running.....only when ready... Until then have fun with Mrs Dan in the jacuzzi :)

  • Thanks juju. I wish I was rich enough to employ you as y private Panther Nursey! Berrocca eh? Gonna get me some o' dat **it!! Also I really must get a gait analysis.

    Stay tuned!

  • Get the gait analysis done at Harrod's -- the staff are excellent. However, beware. I fell off the treadmill -- read my post from last November if you can find it in the entrails of this website. Having said that, they analysed my gait without a computer, by hand and eye, so to speak. And, I got a discount on a pair of New Balaance. So there you go.

  • Sorry to hear this Dan. Hope the physio does it for you and you're soon back running.

  • Thanks mate.

  • Please let us know how the physio went. It may well be your shoes which is contributing to the problem. I have the same problem with my left shin which prevented me from running. I rested as advised with just one slow run in 4 weeks but the problem still persists. I took advice from this forum and had my foot arch and gait analysed and was told both were normal(surprise). I did however out of desperation purchase the running shoes that they recommended (cushioned, normal). I have since been for one gentle 6 mile run and immediately iced up the shin. It does appear slightly easier, if it does improve over the next 2 weeks with the new shoes i'll let you know.

  • Hi. Physio went well - I think?! He told me that I didn't have shin splints thank goodness but after some seriously painful massaging of BOTH legs, he advised me to see a podiatrist for gait analysis and general posture. I am flat footed and have had insoles for about 20years which a chiropodist moulded for me but my physio said that they weren't advisable to put in my running shoes because they're made of hard material that doesn't flex. Hence an advised visit to see a podiatrist.

    Am supposed to be all clear to run tomorrow but my right shin is STILL hurting. I think I'll wait to see this foot dude before daring to slam my legs onto the hard pavements of SW London! Will let you know the progress in due course.

    Would of course be interested to know if your new shoes make a difference.


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