Legs have packed up.....yet again!

Hey fellow runners out there in running Land,

I am frustrated to report that the Running God has not looked kindly on my legs. After last weekends outing, which was disastrous, I have had to call my trusty physio man to come and see if he can fix me up. My worry is that I've damaged summat because things don't feel right with them at all. Mrs Dan says "Stop worrying you nincompoop" but being a natural worrier, I'm unable to relax until I've found out what's wrong!

I've gone and retrieved my mini trampoline from the shed and may do some tentative jogging on that, to see if a sprung surface helps. Perhaps the roads have been too hard and have knackered my half century legs.

Wish I had more fun stories to tell.....


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22 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that, Dan - hope it's not as bad as you fear. I understand that bathing in asses milk (not sure whether that would work in the jacuzzi) has given good results for some. Definitely worth having them checked out, if only for your peace of mind (the legs too).

  • Thanks. I like the asses milk idea!

  • Oh that must be very frustrating for you. Fingers crossed nothing too bad. Linda

  • Aww thanks Linda.

  • Keep posting, Dan, we're missing the kittens.......oh, and I hope these hassles clear up. We all feel for you.

  • Sooooo fed up with all this I.D.T. I'll let you know what happens once legs are inspected.

  • Hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you!

  • I feel your frustration and know what it's like to be waiting for prognosis from a physio. But as MrsDan says, don't worry. I found my physio was always much more laid back about about my non-co-operating legs then I was. I hope he can give you some exercise to get your legs working again and get you out there shortly.

  • Thank you swanscot. Let's hope he can fix me up.

  • Hope you get sorted soon, these injuries and tough patches are part of it for many of us - take it easy and keep faith that you'll be back.

  • Am keeping the faith.....just!

  • Think your legs need a shock. Get into that bathroom and shave them. Well, it seems to work for Wiggo !

  • Is this in addition to my back, sack and crack wax?

  • What you do with hot wax in your nether regions is.....none of my business!!

  • Really sorry. Don't give up hope.

  • Thanks waletta

  • Relax.... Small steps....work it right up... And definitely take on Landesman's advice... Oh and get a mantra... Running is mostly in the mind remember?!

  • My mantra is "sip the wine don't glug" over and over again.

    PS. Gorgeous pic. Very grrrrrrrrrr!!

  • Great mantra and Thanks Dan!!!... I hope it's eased off a bit now???

  • It's worse! Can't believe it. At this rate I'll be getting crutches for Christmas!!!

  • Another new photo? can't keep up with this!

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