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Rod Stewart did it for me!

I did Run 2 of Week 3 yesterday and finally managed to get my music playing and Laura to interrupt. I had my favourite random mix on and amazingly discovered that Rod Stewart and Dr Hook have just the right beat for a vigorous walk and steady jog. Not only that but as an average song lasts three minutes I thought about listening to the song rather than 'how much longer have I got'. I completed the whole session with a broad smile on my face and even occasionally broke into song. Fortunately I was on a forest road and only

the birds could hear me ;-)

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Congrats turnturtle!

Can I ask how you manage to put in you own music?


There is a box saying music at the bottom of the app Nasibentomoto. I clicked on that and was then able to link it with one of my itunes mixes. Don't know how to do it if you don't have itunes though. I struggle with this technology(you may guess from my choice of music that I'm a baby-boomer)


Hi turnturtle, what app do you use for this? Thanks


Do you mean which running app? It just says Couch to 5K with a picture of a white running shoe with a yellow label in it. Is there more than one Couch to 5K app? I think the Music mix I have is a Genius one using songs I bought on itunes and put on my iphone. If I tried to do it again I probably couldn't!


Got it - thanks! I'm looking forward to using my own music mix :)


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