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Ok ok ok I know... I have yet to start week 6 on the c25k programme.... (plan to do it tomorrow) but I am on a runner's high and really wanting to get my fitness levels back like it was when I did the London Marathon back in 2009...

I am keen to enter a half marathon - just wondered your views - should I wait til I have finished the c25k programme, or enter it anyway and then train for it properly once I have finished the c25k programme?

I wouldn't be so crazy as to enter a half marathon too soon - I have already entered Race for Life which is 5k and in July, I am keen to do 10k soon after and the half marathon around sept/oct/nov... I know I am crazy hence my dotty name!

I am not the fastest runner out there... but I don't care as long as I achieve the goal from the start line to the finish line.


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Hi Dotty, You have already completed a marathon, so you know what is involved in training for one, better than I do.

I graduated at the end of March and have a half marathon booked for end of June. So far the training plan should get me there (or thereabouts).

So I reckon 3 months after graduation should be OK for me (fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed :-) )

Good luck!

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Ta for your reply - so 3 months after 5k in July sound about ok... I'll see how I get on tomorrow for w6r1 and see if any more ppl reply to my post...

Whole body crossed for you! Is this your first half marathon? All the best and enjoy it! 😎👍


Hi Dotty, the furthest race i have completed is 5K so far.

Have a 10 K at end of May, but i am already running over 14 K so I am looking forward to this. I'm not going to push it, just want to enjoy the experience.

With 10% step ups, should be at half marathon distance, or thereabouts, in plenty of time.

good luck with the rest of C25K! :-)

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Go for it! I jogged/walked a full marathon last year 4 months after graduating. Aged 59 and never been a runner. It took me 6.5 hours but got, like you say, from the start to finish.


Go for it!

If you've run the marathon before you will have a good idea of how to train.

I signed up for my first half marathon just before Week 6 when I did C25K last year and managed it roughly 3 months after graduation.


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