Finding my rhythm

I did my first run of week 2 yesterday and found the extra 30 seconds running really made a difference. I'm dreading week 3 as I struggle to believe I can run for that long in a single go. Part of the problem I think may be my technique, Laura's tips have helped to a degree but I need to learn how to regulate my breathing. I'm asthmatic which doesn't help but my breathing invariably makes running difficult way before my body hits pain. Does anyone have any advice?


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10 Replies

  • 9 weeks ago I couldn't run well jog for just one minute without being out of breath and couldn't imagine running for 30 minutes

    I think everyone will have the same thoughts but if you put your faith in Laura and do what she says then you will run for 30 minutes in 9 weeks time as I did yesterday

    Well done and don't think about next week just concentrate on this one and make sure you stretch your legs after your cool down walk

  • It sounds almost like a mantra that you will see a lot on the forum 'believe in Laura' but it does work. Don't think about the next week just take it one run at a time and before you know it you will be doing your graduation run and amazed that you were once worried by week 3 :-)

  • I'm asthmatic too and often find myself breathing to slow or not taking any breaths for a few seconds. So breathing has been a big problem for me too. I just have to focus on it the whole time running, i breathe in as much as my lungs let me, then breathe back out slowly. The second i forget about it i start breathing all weird again!

  • Thanks rainbow pixie. It's the breathing in I find difficult. It's like gasping and inefficient at getting the oxygen in.

  • I know the feeling! Do you have an inhaler? If not it might be worth getting one or getting a different one if the current one isn't helping.

  • Don't worry about the progressions too much, easy to say I know as I did the same but you'll surprise yourself as you go through the program. You can do it just believe in yourself and keep the routine. I am just completing the C25K program after two attempts and have gone from wheezing like and old man after 30 seconds of running to being able to run for the 30 minutes.

    My wife is making even more significant progress, the first time she tried to C25K she never progressed from week one due to fear that she was not able to do it. This time she is not looking at the program and just uses an app (Simple C25K) on her phone that beeps at each interval (she deliberately does not read what the session will be). By doing this she has just done run 1 of week 3 and is very pleased with herself (rightly so) as she has not repeated any weeks or had to stop before the run ends.

    You can do it,

  • Ignore the advice about breathing through your nose, it is not physically possible to intake enough air through your nose when you are pushing hard. If breathing is a problem, just ease back on your pace, until it is comfortable again. This way you stay relaxed and you can prevent your breathing from getting too shallow. Relaxation and doing what comes naturally is the key to many aspects of running, so don't let fear come into the equation, otherwise the mental battles get out of proportion. The worst that can happen is that you may have to repeat a run and there is no shame in that, if that is what your body requires to develop to the point of achieving the run.

    Good luck. Enjoy your running

  • Thanks for that. I also need to adjust my stride pattern and adapt from my sprint training. Laura's advice for a heel to toe foot fall was great - gave my glutes a real workout instead of just powering from the quads.

  • Hmmm! That advice is hotly debated too and not just on this forum. I try not to think about the physical aspects of running too much, which may or may not make me efficient, but at least I can tell myself that I am running and to date I have avoided injury, so the technique can't be too bad. Striding out, especially on the road, feels great, but leaves me with tight achilles tendons, so I keep strides a bit shorter to avoid this and it works for me.

  • Everyone is different, something that works for 1 person may not work for the another. For me, I find it easier to breathe through my nose - I struggle even more if I breathe through my mouth! If i try, it feels like my lungs are closing up and physically wont let me breathe in!

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