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Week 3 run 3 - I couldn't finish 2nd 3 min run. Should I repeat or move on?

Feeling demoralised as this is the first time I've actually stopped and fallen back to walking. And I did the first two days of week 3 just about fine. How long do most people take to complete the programme, I just can't believe I will get anywhere near running for 20 mins let alone 30 at this rate. Thanks.

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Yes, repeat that 3.3 run. The 'Weeks' don't really mean anything. If you run every other day (which you certainly can whilst sticking to the programme) then technically you can finish in under 9 weeks.

Week 1 was my bugbear. It took some 12-15 outings before I'd got 3 completed sessions under my belt. So I just told myself it would be a 9 months job, but in practice, I never needed to repeat another session!

The usual reason for not being able to sustain the running is going too fast. Good luck for next time - you've obviously completed 8 sessions absolutely fine so far and had the determination to keep up with the programme so you're doing well.


Don't panic!!! I started this C25K lark in April and I'm at last about to start wk 9. What with hurting myself and family dramas needing me to zoom across to the other side of the country I had to keep restarting, or at least redoing a few weeks. When I did week one I truly never thought that I would be able to run/trot/amble/stagger for 28 minutes without a break and I have!! 3 times!!!

I'm sure that GoogleMe is correct and that you are going too fast; my original mistake too. Just go really slowly and do not compare yourself to anyone else that you see zooming by. Everything will imperceptibly improve.

Good luck and don't beat yourself up!


Thanks for the encouraging advice. It might be that I am going too fast but I can't believe I am. I do a circular route from my house and back which is not hilly but there are inclines. I really notice how much easier it is even slightly downhill but the last 3 minute stretch just worked out to be on one of the gently uphill stretches.

I am kicking myself for not pushing myself now after a two day break at the weekend I will give it a go on Monday and make sure I finish all the runs. It's very nice to hear from people who are at the other end of the 9 week programme. As long as I can run for the 30 minutes or whatever it is by Christmas I will be happy.

Thanks again


I wouldnt feel too bad, plenty of posts about good runs following bad runs and that's def been the case with me when I've struggled with one. I know 30 mins seems a lot now but the plan works and I wouldn't worry too much about having to repeat a few weeks. I also found that my speed was increasing up to the point the runs started stretching out and then I had to drop pace back down. Main thing is you are out there giving it a go. Hope your next run is a good one :-)


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