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Will I ever get to 10k ?!


C25K last summer. Loved it. Graduated Oct 17. Then illness / injury. Then winter in Czech Republic then festive time

C25K v2 in Spring 2018. Loved it. Graduated early summer. Then one of the hottest summers in eastern Europe in the 17 years I have lived here. Tried a few runs but stupid heat.

Then a road trip in US for most of August. Tomorrow was the plan for getting back on @ju-ju 10k plan......

Then Mrs GB says...I think I will start the C25K tomorrow. You can do it with me.

Here we go again.

Enjoy the journey what ever stage you are at. Slow down. Keep going. Slow down some more.

Enjoy the journey.


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Wow! You must really love it here! Enjoy!

Good to hear that you have been able to restart running and Mrs GB is joining you is a bonus!

The hot summer was lovely but its has been hard to keep going here as the evenings have been so sultry and the insect population out in full force!

I am looking forward to trying to get to 10k now its cooler weather. I'm a non athlete so every run, regardless of time or distance, is an achievement 😊

Hope you enjoy many runs together x x


Hi GingerBohemian, you will get there, eventually, it’s nice that you’re going to accompany Mrs GB with the C25k programme but I can also understand you’re wanting to move in with your own running but C25k is only a few weeks & maybe once Mrs GB is running longer & further you could hop off that bus and get on the other?? It’ll be good for you doingthe intervals & shorter runs for a few weeks as it sounds like, because of the heat & holidays, your running has been a bit sporadic?? So that might be a good way to get back into a running routine?? 10k will come..I am now on ju-ju- ’s final week...because of the heat & holidays it seems to have taken me double the time, but I’ve emjoyed it, especially the bit of tourist running thrown in!! Happy running GB, you’ll get there I’m sure 😉

I'm actually jealous of you that the other 'alf is now running with you as my family are currently on the couch.

Plan C - jump across to 10k with Mrs GB in a few weeks?

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Langley-Loper

That's the plan. Plus, both of us love Venice and normally go each year for a few nights so I will suggest the Venice 10km in 12 months from now :D

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