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Eureka moment

I've been feeling a bit dispondent lately because after graduating I could run all of the 5k without stopping all be it at a slow pace. I decided I would try the 5k improvers programme which involve intervals. I did this for 2 weeks and during that time I discovered I was having to walk more and more. When I tried to run a whole 5k I just couldn't do it!!!

Tonight when I went out I just thought to myself to hell with this I'm just going to run slowly and forget about building up speed. Low and behold I needed only two very brief walks of about 10 seconds and ended up with a pb on my 5k and I even ran an extra 0.6k. I am so pleased with myself and have learned that speed is not everything - it is more important to just enjoy the run!

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Increase your distance before trying to increase your speed. Then, when you can do 7(or more) km. Do one longer, one normal 5km and one faster 5km. It's worked a treat for me.


Thanks Crox, I shall definetley take on board your suggestion but first I'm just going to make the next three runs a straight 5k and if I can manage a bit extra then I'll do it. I want to do my first parkrun at the weekend and I want to know I can run the whole way even though I know this isn't necessary. It's been my personal target since starting the C25K :-0


Parkrun are ace :-) try not to get carried away (it's harder than you might think to keep your pace in check)


Isn't it great to try new things?

I think you just learned something profound - just do what comes naturally. I tried the faster stuff podcasts but only twice then went back to just doing what felt right. Now I'm going faster and further than ever.

Hope you keep getting better and better too!


I love your name!! Twizzle was one of my favourite shows (yes, I am that old!) - want to change my board name to Footsothecat now!! ;-)

Nothing much to add to what the others have said - speed will come as you increase your stamina. I'm running much faster now but haven't really done anything other than a few interval runs and fartlek sessions, nothing structured, just the odd session when I feel like it.

Just go out and enjoy it!


Thanks for all your support guys, I just love the words of advice and encouragement on here.

Crox I think the others runners will be so far ahead of me at the Parkrun that it won't affect my pace :-0

Malcy - wise words indeed! I think we usually know when something feels right for us but are guilty of not listening to our bodies. I'm going to use your words " do want comes naturally" as my mantra on my next run.

Dottiemay, I love your name too and your avatar. I am definetly old enough to remember Twizzle - loved it!


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