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The dreaded R3!

So this was planned for today and not well planned at all! In addition to having a later night than anticipated and far too much beer I headed into work with a bottle of water and determination.

Work then erupted in craziness and I was so busy I didn't know where to look - before I knew it it was time and I hadn't even had a chance to psych myself up - but thought 'sod it' and set off.

Like lots of people have mentioned, the first 5 mins seemed to take ages and I was suffering from a mini-stich in the middle of my ribcage (thanks for nothing, beer). And at one point i had a knee twinge. But I just kept trotting away and before I knew it I only had 5 mins left so I picked up the pace to more like what general society would have considered 'running' :)

But: DONE! Ap said I did 3k (without the walks before and after) so feel like if I pick up the pace 5k in 30 mins isn't unachievable with some graft.

Bummer is that back in work and so much to do I promptly forgot I did it and didn't get a chance to feel chuffed. Well until now!

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That's brilliant, well done. You probably benefited from not having too much time to think about it. Yep, you'll be doing that 5k before you know it!


Thanks Hennith! I think yours is tomorrow right? Good luck with it! I'll be keeping an eye out for your post!


well done

I completed my week 5 run 3 this morning. feel good for doing it but it was hard work. i did the last 5 mins with a stitch and that was hard work. but i did it too x


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