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First Post! Week 6 Run 2 - Strange one

Did anyone else find it really strange doing this run after the week 5 20 min run? Feels like I went backwards and dare I say it, I found it a little easy. I wonder if this was thrown in as a motivator? Still, I enjoyed it. I have NEVER run before (I used to sneak out of school to avoid exercise!) and cant believe how much I've enjoyed it and achieved!

I love this programme - I've been selling it to everyone!

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Well done you. Another addict in the making. Keep it up, you are well on the way to graduating.


I have that one to look forward to tomorrow. The plan is strange, but if you look at the wall chart, it's slightly extending the overall exercise period. Stretching our endurance and mental attitude I suppose.


I think everyone who has done the plan thinks week 6 is strange after week 5, but it works as we all get there in the end. And yes you do get hooked on running. I started C25K about 18 months ago having never exercised for years and since graduation I still run 3 times a week for at least 5K each time something i thought I would never do but I just love it and the feelings it gives you whilst running and afterwards. Yes I ache sometimes but overall it is worth it.


I've just done week 6 run 1. I kinda thought maybe they give you a few easier runs to build your confidence. I'm finding the broken up runs easier now, even dare I say enjoyable and I'd never run before either. Funny enough I burned more calories doing the run yesterday than when I did the 20 mins continuous on week 5. I think because I'm running faster on the shorter runs when I know I can do the 5 minute stints. I hold back on the longer runs in case I get too tired to get through the full time. I'm definitely a convert though never thought I could enjoy running so much.


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