How do you run with both feet on the ground?

I must admit to being very amused by the intro music today W5R2 where the lyric goes something like 'I got both feet on the ground da da da ' and visualised her jumping along in a sack! Didn't mind the music this time. Looking forward to making my own list one day but still need Laura's encouragement. Listened to 'Dumb ways to die' for my warm down and sang parts of it out loud. (You need to have watched the video to get it!) Another question. How does Laura know that I did well? She is so encouraging but she can't see me - because sometimes I don't do all that well!


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12 Replies

  • I see so many of my own thoughts in your post :D

    Funny that you're also wondering about the singer's running technique...with both feets on the ground it might be really difficult to run ;) And she must be really tall as she's got her hands up in the clouds! After a few times listening to this song I started to invent my own new nonsensical lyrics that were: I've got toothpaste in my eyes and/or I've got toothpain in my ears...I know, it's completely nonsense but somehow this song (and the exercise with all its effects on my untrained body) made me think and sing (luckily only in my mind!) stuff like that ;)

    I also thought about Laura and how she knows I'm doing well (even if I'm not). Perhaps there's something like Big Laura is watching you? ;) This knowledge should get me motivated whenever I'm procrastinating a run!

  • I just feel really pleased that I am now able to smile at the songs. This whole journey has suddenly taken on a new meaning for me. I wasn't particularly enjoying it up to now - you know it's good for you but much more a toil than a pleasure. I didn't believe I would ever feel enjoyment but I really do feel it now. And that's great!

    Thank you for sharing your nonsense lyrics! Good way to spur yourself on!

  • Beek you've been bitten by the running bug, there will be no stopping you now no matter what!! :)

  • Yes, it looks like it! I really didn't like it at first but I am starting to now. I am beginning to feel real benefits now and today my recovery walks were too long - could have managed with less. AMAZING!

  • It is brilliant when you get to that high point and you really can see yourself improving and actually seeing how you can really start to enjoy the running..... but yes all the way through C25k I've thought the music is a bit naff, but then that's part of it I guess -

    Our girls completely love the dumb ways to die - so we've even taken to making up our own lyrics to some of them too....

    My current warm down favorite is Rizzle Kicks - Mamma do the hump - there's quite a lot of lyrics in there which relate to me.

  • Hi MatthewW. Never thought I would ever use words like 'I am beginning to enjoy this'. Your lovely blogs have helped drag me along and you are right - I feel I've now hit a high point. I am no longer afraid of the programme and can see that Laura will guide me through ok. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and humour in your blogs - they have really helped a lot! I'm off to look for Mamma do the hump on You Tube now!

  • Found it - I can see how that would keep you on track! Nice one

  • unfortunately my poorly legs means I have had to miss my Sunday run - and have decided tonight to use W6R3 so that I still do 30 mins out there, but I know I have a walking break in the middle... and if it goes well then I can just keep on running - if not - no loss I just walk it instead.

  • Sounds like a good plan. Hope your legs soon get better!

  • Rizzle Kicks is on my running playlist too - its a great track to run to :)

  • I wonder if he does his own writing though - some of the lyrics are bang on the money.

    Also totally loving down with the trumpets - one of the best I've heard to run to

  • I believe it was co-written with fat boy slim aka Norman Cook :)

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