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THAT WORKED! Thanks folks :)

Week 8 R1 done. AND ENJOYED!.. I followed the advice to forget about pace and just concentrate on enjoying the running. and it worked! I left Runkeeper off, but took the trusty Laura, and set a gentle pace, managed the entire 28 minutes without struggling for breath or feeling ill. Tired, yes, happy yes. More 'Well done's to myself. And thanks to the sense talked on here. I will definitely leave measuring my speed until I've graduated, as I'm simply not capable of measuring it without trying to improve it!

It may have helped that the air has changed, my breathing seemed much easier now its not so humid. Also, may have helped I left the dog at home... running with a dog tugging on the lead is a bit wearisome. She's a collie but getting on and either likes to sprint or dawdle! I'm not up for the sprinting!

It's thanks to the encouragement on here I actually went out today. And thanks to that I now feel very positive and keen about the possibility of graduating in the next couple of weeks. Wow. NEVER thought I would be saying that.

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Great to here you had a good run. Well done. (W8R1 - nearly done).

Some days you go out for a run, and you just know that is the day to go for a good time, so go for it. I have run 5K or just over, the past two times I have run. The first one set a new PB, the next run took me 3 minutes longer to run 5K than my new PB. Not for any reason other than I just decided I wanted a leisurely run, and if I could push the distance out then so be it.

Take each run as it comes, just getting out for a run is enough. :-)


Well done! :)


I've just got back from wk8 r1 and had a similar experience . I ran all 28 mins, enjoyed it and came back elated! Kept a steady pace, of course, but didn't get tired or sore . Great, so pleased with myself .


Great isn't it. Not long to graduation :)


I have done w8r2. I was worrying about doing a 5K at the end of October but I have decided now to just run then as i can and if i don't make 5K running it is not the end of the world.

Haven't managed to go out since Sunday as work and other commitments are heavy this week but I did 28 mins on my own in the park on Sunday. BUT I find the first 5 -10 minutes seem so so long. When Laura says, well done, you have run for 5 minutes, it feels like I have been running for 50! Perhaps I am trying too hard? I am certainly not fast,, 2 miles in 28 minutes is not going to set any records!


I agree, the first 5 minutes takes a loooong time! But we are not alone, in finding that, and once that is over, the rest of the time goes much easier... just our bodies protesting I guess... but the protest quiets!


I switched to a distance program and SLOWED down. Worked for me. I can do the distance, just not at the pace I need to in order to complete 5k in 30 minutes. Much happier! I will work on a 5k improver plan after I finish week 9.


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