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W9r3 postponed due to sore knee :-(

Well the sore knee that appeared during w8r2, calmed down for w8r3 was back tonight. Only lasted 2 mins before it got too much, swapped to a slow uphill walk. So disappointed and just hope feels better before Thursday when I'll next get a chance to go to the gym. Knew things were going to well, that'll teach me for being happy and smug with myself for getting this far!

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Oh I feel for you. I am just about to go and do wk9run2. And for some reason for the first time the last week I have had a few niggles too. I found the step up took it out on my muscles more than before. I hope you feel better for Thursday and it all goes according to plan.


Hope run 2 goes ok for you, nearly at graduation!


Sorry to hear about the knee ~ I can certainly sympathise.

Make sure you;

1) Keep it warm

2) Take Cod Liver Oil

3)STOP if it hurts...

...it is so much better to stop and take a break, than to injure yourself and have to take several weeks off.


Cheers, thanks for the advice, i have 2 weeks before hols so can rest for a little if it doesn't improve. I thought the same wasnt worth doing more damage. I will give the cod liver oil a go, hope the tablets have improved since I was a child, oh the memory o those digusting things!


Don't know where r9 came from only on run 1!


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