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Pop goes the left calf

Have been continuning to make steady progress as I gear myself up to enrol for a ParkRun. Then on Friday morning as I was running along I felt what I can only describe as a gentle thwack across the back of my calf. Thought that a twig or something had bounced up and hit me ... no big deal ..... but then awful pain. I had to limp back home and quickly stuck some ice on it but then had to go to work where I limped everywhere. Yesterday I could walk ok (well, a bit like John Wayne and after a couple of ibuprofen) but going down stairs is agony. Today pretty much the same. Running seems out of the question - but for how long? Anyone else had anything similar?

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Never done anything like that but it does sound awful. Can you get to a sports physio to have it checked out? I would say do not run until you can exist without Ibuprofen.

Hope it soon heals!


Yes, used to get it often with Morris dancing! You've probably pulled a fibre of your muscle. When it goes it's exactly like someone threw a stone at your calf. All you can do is keep up with the cold compresses, elevation and keep off it as much as possible. A massage with a liniment will help a bit. Sorry to hear that. It's such a bind when all you want to do is get on with it :-(


Thanks folk! Jenwrenarm - your description of it being like a stone hitting your calf is so accurate. Have rested up today so hopefully soon on way to recovery.


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