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Stamina much better than naked!

I've been feeling very lost since graduating but now have the C25K+ pod casts on my MP3 player. This morning I went out to do a session with Stamina, not knowing what to expect. I have not been out for 3 days, after a whole week off, so apprehensive. Just kept it slow and steady and focused on keeping relaxed. Glorious morning, cool, bright blue sky and Autumn trees dotted everywhere. Perfect!

6.75km in 75 minutes. I know - very slow, but a reasonable distance, and everyone says it will get quicker in time! I found it a lot easier with Laura's prompts and the regular beat than nothing like my last run. The time does include a deviation to inspect the new outdoor gym (YAY!) and a chat with a friend who recognised me. Doh!

Really pleased about this new equipment which is being installed in my park. Ski machine, rowing machine, cross trainer (I think they call it) A special bench to do sits ups on, all sorts of stuff. BRILLIANT - I'm so pleased about it all - a FREE gym!

So now I am feeling incredibly cool and so calm. This is a fantastic way to feel!

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Well done Beek, and not slow at all for a longer distance. your new gym sounds wonderful, although I'm not sure I would get much use of an outdoor one up here in the NE Scotland in the winter time, now California would be a different outcome altogether, you would have to fight to get me off a machine, I just love the outdoors and that sounds just smashing to me.

I had a bad moment on holiday after finishing my run early one morning, I pressed the button for the lift which duly appeared with 6 people already in it!! They insisted on squeezing up to make room for me, I felt terrible all sweaty and very red faced, they must have thought I was having a bad flush, when one asked in broken English "Ah you run!?! and pointed to my running shoes, yes I said, run long way and run very fast!! ;) Believe that if you want to :)


I believe you! You did very well indeed to keep it up in those hot climes. I didn't but the rest did us both the world of good. I have come back with a sound resolve to take this newly found 'skill'(?) somewhere really good!


well done Beek - I did the stamina podcast yesterday on treadmill at gym. Going to look at audiofuel on itunes as I need new running music.

Outdoor gym sounds fab :-)


I completely misread the title and saw it as ' stamina much better when naked'. All sorts of hideous mental images appeared.

Well done.


It would be a hideous image in my case! LOL! (Never used that Mnemonic before - ever!)


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