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7 days without alcohol

I said that I would give up alcohol for October and so far I have managed it, albeit painfully. My wife drank a bottle of white wine on Friday night and I went to the cupboard and looked at my three open bottles of whisky and managed to resist.

Meanwhile in the land of running, I could only manage just short of 27 minutes for my park run on Saturday and only got out for two runs during the week due to some 12 hour days at work (I know - excuses excuses) So I need to make more of an effort. Hopefully when we eventually move home and I stop living in hotels I can put in more effort.

Good news for today is that I got Glastonbury tickets and will be going with my 20 year old son and his mates (will be interesting)

Have a great week

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WELL DONE YOU for resisting the whisky! Can't have been easy when your wife is enjoying her wine. I have a similar situation when trying to resist the wrong food - hubby buys posh chocs and almost force feeds them to me. Not easy but well done you!

It is hard not being able to get out when your life is in limbo but at least you are doing something. It will soon all fall into place for you.

Enjoy Glastonbury!


Alcopop you are a strong willed man sitting with your wife while she has a tipple and you have none, well done. I had a period when I was not aloud alcohol of any sort due to medication this time was also a busy social time so I ended up drinking 'Appletize' looked a bit like white wine and tasted okay too, I survived which I'm sure you will. Just think of the money you are saving, you could buy some new running gear as a reward!!

As for your Parkrun time of 27 minutes I can only say "If only I could whiz through mine in that time so WELL DONE YOU", especially when you have been working 12 hour days.

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Well done. It's very difficult to stop drinking but going for a particular month just seems to help (talking from experience here!) A week down. That's something to be mighty pleased with.

I am so envious of your glastonbury tickets :)

Two runs in a week isn't bad you know. i haven't managed one for 6 weeks, so I've got my work cut out.


well done you thats fab...I did 7 days which is more than I have ever done in my life but gave in a little this weekend, but back on it tomorrow.....hope you find a better work/ life balance soon...and well done on the tickets!!!


Gosh, you are doing so well especially with your wife drinking wine and you resisting your whisky! I admire your determination and strength of mind. Keep going, and I hope that the hotel situation won't go on for too much longer and you can settle down and get your mind clear. And what a fantastic Parkrun time! You may not think it's great but I am well impressed :D And Glasto with your son and his mates - you're a brave man :D


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