Week 1 Day 1 of The Journey of Change

Hi Everyone

In a few min will be my first effort of running.. Part of my Journey of Change involves to get my butt moving more.. So here I am taking a huge challenge for me - C25K!

Will need advice, support and someone to tell me off when i start with the excuses lol

Here I go ... hope i become a runner like most of you!

MoNi :-)


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41 Replies

  • So, did you go for your first session then?

    run report?

  • OH MY GOSH!!!! I did it. And I am half dead!!! I used the C25K app on my phone.

    First 5 min I was soooo nervous cuz I knew after they end I have RUN!!! I never did that!! so here I was - 3..2..1.. AND I RAN!!!! :-D I couldnt wait that 60 sec to END! The next 90 sec were MY FAVORITE!!!! lol so.. first 10 min in runing were OK-ish BUT the second half I was out of breath .. SO I had to cut the 60sec to 45 and next one 30 sec BUT i kept walking. I DIDNT GIVE UP!!!! I completed the 30 min! SO I am sooo proud of myself! First time EVER I sticked to ONE exercise! :-D

  • Fabulous! Well done. Just take each run very slowly, stretch afterwards, repeat runs if you have to and post here for support and encouragement and just to tell us how you're getting on.

  • Thank you ! Ẁill do! :-) :-) xx

  • Well done on making the commitment. That first time is the hardest. By now, I suspect that you are home, have been in the shower and are relaxing in front of the gogglebox. So how did it go? Do tell.

    Welcome - we've all been there and know what it's like. Some days will be tough, and some not so tough. You'll find plenty of support and lots of advice (quite a bit of it contradictory,, no doubt) here.

    It's not a matter of hoping you'll be a runner. Be positive. YOU WILL BE A RUNNER ;)

  • That first step is the hardest. Now you're here - if you follow the programme, listen to Laura, you'll do just fine. Here's a tip - Billy Idol has some great songs for running including MoNI, MoNI ;-)

  • THank you!! and WOW I never heard that song actually lol I LOVE IT!! hahaha :-))

  • Well it is actually Mony Mony but it sounds the same ;-)

  • Potato Pottato lol ;)

  • You can do it! It is a great programme, stick with it, take it steady and let us all know how you get on x :-)

  • OH MY GOSH!!!! I did it. And I am half dead!!! I used the C25K app on my phone.

    First 5 min I was soooo nervous cuz I knew after they end I have RUN!!! I never did that!! so here I was - 3..2..1.. AND I RAN!!!! :-D I couldnt wait that 60 sec to END! The next 90 sec were MY FAVORITE!!!! lol so.. first 10 min in runing were OK-ish BUT the second half I was out of breath .. SO I had to cut the 60sec to 45 and next one 30 sec BUT i kept walking. I DIDNT GIVE UP!!!! I completed the 30 min! SO I am sooo proud of myself! First time EVER I sticked to ONE exercise! :-D

  • That's really well done. Run 1 is out of the way. Now it's just onwards and upwards to the next one ;)

    I would try and get to run outside as soon as you can. Tread mills are the work of Stan. Why do you think they were used in the previous times as a means of punishment, if not even torture? You'll feel so much happier outside. It's much easier. No wonder you struggled on the later runs. Don't worry about being self conscious. My neighbour has a quote on their wall in the kitchen. It goes something like "You wouldn't worry what people think of you if you realised how seldom they do". There's a lot of truth on that.

    I would think twice about taking out a gym membership until you've tried going outside a few timestimes at least. Having said that, it s a gym membership that got me into cycling some years ago. I hated the gym so much that I developed this sneaky plan to minimise my time there. Instead of driving the half mile to the gym I decided to try cycling there instead. That way, I could reduce the amount of time I spent on the tread mill. I then realised that if I extended my bike route a little I could spend even less time on the mill. One thing lead to another and I arrived at the point where my route was so long and convoluted that I didn't even need to get off my bike when I got to the front entrance of the gym. I'd already got my hour's exercise in. At that point I cancelled my membership...

  • that's why I would wait - its quite expensive anyway so .. But spring/summer are coming so .. till winter I would build up and make it a routine to run out (I guess).

  • Well done.

    I felt the same on my first run (5 weeks ago) and I couldn't manage all 8 60 second runs either. Was so proud when I could.

    It took me 3 weeks to move on to week 2 and now, 10 days later I'm about to move on to week 3.

    I know it's going to take me longer than the 9 weeks to do it all but I don't care. I just think it's not a race, the aim is to finish the programme and if it takes me longer than other people so what. I'm fitter and thinner than I was 5 weeks ago and know that I'll be even fitter and thinner in another five weeks time, even if I'm only on week 4 by then.

    I've booked myself on a 5k in October - plenty of time but I know I'll be able to do it.

    Keep going, stick at it.

  • This is a great post Deb! :) :) What c25k is all about: making the commitment and doing the runs as often as necessary to get them completed successfully. You are so very right- it's not a race, it's a life choice. You are going to be an awesome runner because you've got determination and stickability. Go Deb!! :)

  • Exactly. Don't think that you have to complete this programme in 9 weeks. Everyone is different. Some will be faster, some slower. Treat the weeks as levels in a computer game. Once you've mastered one level and you are happy that you can do it consistently, it's time to move onto the next.

    Debih, that's a great post.

    MoNi, stick at it!

  • Well done Mo, youve done the hardest step, getting yourself off the couch and out of the door !

    Just stick at it, you'll be fine. Trust in the programme , you wont go far wrong , its a life changer.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug :-) , actually I ran in my kitchen on my manual treadmill which was covored in dust lol but I do have that in my mind that one day I would actually have to go OUT and run... I am bit shy though and hate when peaple stare. I think I have to get used to the running first so I have the confidence to run OUT. :-/ Step by Step.. :-) xxx

  • Of course Mo, whatever is best for you, no pressure xxx

    Ive only been on a treadmill once and I fell off ! :-) xxx

  • haha To be honest I hate the treadmill cuz is manual - u have to hold on to it and walk/run by pushing yourself off. I was more tired of holding on than the actual running... SO I can see myself running out sometime soon.. or go to the gym (although untill I get into the habbit of running I probably wont pay for a gym - I am not 100% confident that I wont give up and dont want my money to be wasted) I am not saying that i WILL give up. But going by past experience I better get wait to it for couple weeks and see how i get on with it. until then is either home or park(maybe). :-)

  • Either way , you're off the couch ! :-D

    Good Luck ! Xxx

  • YES!! :-D :-D thank you thank you xx

  • Well done.

    Tomorrow will be my first day of C25k and I will be well satisfied if I do as well as you.

  • Thank you ! Hope you do well to ! Keep us posted. I would follow ur progress :-)

  • Well done MoNi. Sounds like you've had a great start to the program :) Keep going and keep letting us know how you get on :)

  • The Day ofther Day 1 - OUCH OUCH OUCH :-( I think that pretty much sums it up lol

  • You WILL be a runner! C25k works and we will all be cheering you on. These stretches nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... are highly recommended and will reduce the aches and pains that all new runners feel and reduce your risk of injury too.

    Go MoNi88, and keep us posted. Good luck.

  • I dan remember the first version of Mony Mony by tommy james and the shondelles. A belter!

    Well done moni. If you go slowly you can do this. Trying to run too fast is what puts folks off. So steady as she goes

  • Great stuff Moni, you've done the toughest bit by doing run1. Every other run is just practice now ;)

  • Really well done Mo, I can see you have completed the first run :D Doesn't it just feel great to know you have done it :D It Is ok to repeat runs if you feel you want to and to take more than a days rest :D

    You have done the hardest part by starting , keep at it now :D

  • Big up to maa main dudette MoNi88 for doin' da first run innit?!!

    Well done. Don't worry I don't really speak like that. I just wanted to say a jolly well done and give you a virtual pat on the back for getting out there and strutting your stuff!

    Keep us in the loop ok~? Otherwise, I'll have to send da boyz raaahnd.....

  • Well done. I also struggled with week 1. It took me 2 weeks to complete it. I have not stopped since. Each week i try the next week with the thought that if I really can't do it I will repeat last week. I did week 6 run 3 on Friday and felt great. You can do it.

  • Oh my gosh thanks guys !!!!! You have no idea how upbuilding was to read all of your responses!!! :-D :-D huge smiles!!!!

    Well the update is that I bought an outfit for running out so now I just have to bite the bullet and walk out the door :-S but nervous but so looking forward to it. Yes, I was tired. But GOOD tired if you know what i mean.. usually I have similar feeling when I overeat (not in a good way - sleepy, bloated, just wanting to sit and relax) but i know this time it was good thing - i feel motivated, even that i had only 5-6h sleep I feel so refreshed :-D so i actually cant wait till tomorrow. I want to do it 3 times a week and not cut down cuz this is part of the commitment - 3 times a week.

    THANK YOOOOOUU ALLL for the support!!!! xxxxx :-D :-D

  • How do you know when you are ready to move to the followint week? :-/

  • You'll know. Basically, if you can complete all of the 8 runs in week 1 and still be running at the end of them, and running for 90 seconds at a go as required for week 2 scares you, but might just be about be possible (though it may still seem a challenge) - you are ready to move on.

  • That was very helpful!!! Thanks a lot :-)

  • Well done MoNi,

    Getting out a doing it is the first step, I start week 9 at 5:30 tomorrow morning and it seems like 5 mins not 9 weeks.

    My tips are, listen to Laura, get some decent running (compression) socks, try and banish the head gremlins and enjoy it.

    Won't be long and we be reading your graduation post. 😄

  • Thanks :-) I do feel like i am finally on the right path! I really want to keep up that attitute cuz till now everything that i gave a go to i end up guvung up on after the first week :-\

    how do those socks help?

  • I was getting shin and calf pain, not too bad but noticable. The compression socks support the calf muscle and are tight around the leg. I think I paid around £5 on ebay, but they are a godsend.

    It sounds like the head gremlins are getting at you? I try to think about stupid things when I'm plodding around my town. This morning I saw a large house, counted the windows, made up a price per window and tried to work out how it would cost to replace them, before I knew it Laura was saying 10 mins to go. :)

    Good luck and keep on running.

  • I found taking the leap to the next week difficult at first. I kept thinking I wasn't ready but I tried it anyway and guess what I was. I also think that running out doors for me is the best thing. Depending on where you run you can give yourself little goals " run to the next gate" "the next house" "the pub" "the next cow" (sorry I run down lanes) and you feel good when you get there. Before you know it Laura is saying "slow down". I also found that buying and wearing "proper" running clothes made me feel like I had made a commitment and had to follow it through in those early runs when the gremlins were getting to me a bit. I am starting week 7 tonight. Good luck you can do it. Keep us updated on your progress. Remember you are not alone.

  • I probably should've just continued my updates here.. but I opened new post Week 1 Day 2


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