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Best run yet

I've just completed wk4 run3 and have to say it seems to all be slotting into place. Didn't feel like going out this morning but my dog was looking at me as if to say "i want to go even if you don't". So with that in mind put my trainers on and off we went with the option of just walking if my legs weren't up to it. But had a go and did my best run yet. So pleased with myself can't wait til wk 5. Bring it on Laura!

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Dogs can be a great incentive, but also a problem. On Park run this morning a young woman being towed by her dog came sailing by me, obviously bound for a good time on the clock. However, two minutes later she had to stop and find her poo bags, to keep the course tidy. She told me afterwards that the dog will run all day. That's the sort of training partner we all need.

Keep running, keep posting.


Awesome, that sounds encouraging! Week 3 run 1 done today. Went OK. It is still surprising me that how I feel before a run doesn't at all match how I do during a run.


In what way? Good or bad?


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