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Two steps forward

One GIANT step back.

I had to take a month off running. Trochanteric bursitis anyone? I wouldn't - it's painful.

Anyway, pain's almost gone and I'm doing the stretching/strengthening exercises to keep it at bay so this week I've been able to start running again.

Was advised to do short runs first and see how it goes so I've done 20 mins, 3 times this week.

It's been bloody hard work! One month off and my fitness has gone to the dogs!

Ah well, it's still good to be back :-)

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I do sympathize - I suffered with it last year and had to cut my mileage back to 1 mile max and cancel my planned first HM. Take it easy and build up gradually, no being impatient ! Being sensible will pay off in the long run.


Very sorry to hear about this, it sounds horrible, but well done for getting back out there and running again. As an educational feature for the rest of us, could you describe the symptoms of the condition, and how you got it, what the treatment was if any, and how it can be avoided? All I know about it is that what was called "Housemaid's knee" is bursitis. I'm guessing you weren't scrubbing floors though...


I started getting the pain on around week 2 of the Bridge to 10k plan.Pain is sharp. Funny thing is that I didn't ever get the pain during a run, it was afterwards. At first it was a niggle but over time it got worse and worse until I was limping all the time. It was really bad when I started walking after being sat for a while.

The pain was centred in a small area on the side of the hip, just above the socket.

It's caused by a tight iliotibial band (and tight hamstrings) so the cure was rest and then stretching exercises and then as thepain became less (went from a score of 8-9 on a scale of 1-10 to around a 2) I incorporated strengthening exercises as well....

Now I'm trying running again but will take increasing distances/time slowly and steadily - and keep up the exercises.


Welcome back lola465

unfortunately i too have missed a few week thankfully not for an injury and having graduated was disappointed to find how quickly my fitness levels had deteriorated, I have taken myself back to week 6 and joined a beginners group at my local running club. The only difference from this to my first attempt is I know I can do it.

you'll be back to the 5k in no time.

Good Luck, remember slow and steady


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